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Boy, do we ever have an arsenal of excuses. We use them to clarify, justify, and/or self-impose a limitation as to why we can&#8217t do one thing. It&#8217s the reason we can not quit bingeing. The reason we can&#8217t track our meals. The purpose we cheat on our diets every single weekend.

You know how you can inform when you&#8217re creating an excuse? Do the dollars test. Ask oneself this: If I gave you 1, two, or 5 million dollars (what ever quantity performs for you), would you be in a position to say no to the bread basket, not choose at your children chips, commence measuring your cereal, retain the Oreos OUT of your kitchen, and so on.?

Duh. Of course, you could.

Would you? Effectively that&#8217s an additional query. You see, all of a sudden, offered the correct incentive (in this case, dollars), you could change something in your life. That begets the subsequent query: Is getting the healthiest, the happiest, the most beautiful you, imaginable, worth it?

Every person has their personal favourite brand of excuse. In truth, excuses are brilliant. Just after all, they retain us from getting to do one thing we don&#8217t want to do and let us clarify why we can&#8217t [fill in the blank]. Heck, we have permanent no-fault insurance coverage and, very best of all, it&#8217s the excuses&#8217 fault, not ours.

If your happiness, self-esteem, and inner-pride, on the other hand, are paying the premium, then attain out to me at [email protected]  Do not let your excuses hold you back from altering the way you consume, appear and really feel.