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One particular of the huge adjustments to Canada’s new Meals Guide is the clear message about drinking water: “Make water your drink of selection”.

Seriously? Never we know that currently?

Certainly we do. But here’s the point: our consumption of sugary drinks is by way of the roof and this is specially the case with young children and teens. In truth, thanks to unrestricted meals marketing to impressionable youth, sugary drinks are the quantity a single supply of added sugar in their diet.

Sugar is in fruit, vegetables and milk. These foods are also wealthy in nutrients. ‘Added sugar’ refers to the sugar that is added throughout meals preparation and meals processing. The concern with this added sugar is that it is in a ton of meals items so it is effortless to consume a lot of it. And as well considerably added sugar leads to well being complications, a huge a single getting tooth decay. Right here in Perth County added sugar in meals and drinks is a single of the factors that about 44% of students in grade two have some type of tooth decay.

Due to the fact sugary drinks are the prime supply of added sugar, cutting back on them and drinking water alternatively can go a lengthy way to curbing the well being issues connected with as well considerably sugar. If you happen to be a numbers particular person, you will be interested to know that the Globe Overall health Organization recommends that we hold our added sugar intake from all meals and drinks to 10 tsps/day (significantly less is even greater). One particular typical size pop (355 ml) has 10 tsp of sugar.

You may have guessed that pop is the quantity a single selection of sugary drinks for young children and teens.  Other well-liked sugar laden drinks are fruit drinks, iced tea, flavoured milk, specialty coffees and teas and power drinks. Even drinks that you’d assume may be a greater selection have lots of added sugars. A sports drink, for instance, has 10 tsps of sugar and vitamin water has eight tsps (and no, the vitamins in the water do not balance out the quantity of added sugar!)

So, what is a parent to do? Sugary drinks are difficult to keep away from when you happen to be out and about so a very first step could be to decrease the quantity of sugary drinks obtainable at dwelling.
 Other suggestions are:

  • provide water with meals and snacks
  • send water bottles with little ones to college and sports
  • make water a lot more attractive by flavouring it with fruits and herbs 
  • hold a jug of water in the fridge
  • operate with your child’s college to have water supplied at events like college wide celebrations and track and field days       
  • advocate for effortless access to water and fewer sugary drinks in locations like rec centres, arenas and swimming pools
  • show your help to pass legislation to cease promoting to little ones at  https://stopmarketingtokids.ca/

If you have got small ones at dwelling, get them drinking water at an early age. Your child can practice drinking water from an open cup when they start out strong foods, about six months. They will will need your enable at very first but, with practice, they will be a pro by 12 -15 months. If you use a sippy cup with small ones, use it only for milk at meals and water at other instances. Stay away from juice and other sugary drinks like chocolate milk, fruit drinks and punches. These can make your kid really feel as well complete to consume at meal and snack instances. Plus, drinking these beverages from a sippy cup all day lengthy continuously exposes the teeth to sugar and increases the danger of cavities.

For a lot more strategies to make water your drink of selection, verify out this section of the meals guide:

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