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“People who assume they know every thing are a good annoyance to these of us who do.” -Isaac Asimov

My preferred quote of all time.

What do I know that some people locate annoying? What I know for certain is that I have to consume much less no matter how a lot I workout in order to sustain my weight loss. I cannot balance out lack of portion handle with climbing Everest. People never like this truth. I did not like it when I realized it.  I nonetheless never like it.

But, it is the truth. I cannot workout away failures when the portion police arrive at the door. 

It really is not a good advertising and marketing tactic for weight loss applications but it may possibly account for why their business enterprise models, by necessity, are primarily based on repeat consumers. Here’s the podcast.

I made my signature Art of the Diet saying: “If chocolate is not the answer, could you please repeat the query?” into a fabric produced for a tea towel but which I use as a wall hanging. If interested in getting this as fabric for you to use, pay a visit to the hyperlink beneath. All you have to have to buy to make a wall hanging as pictured is a “fat quarter” which is sewing jargon!



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