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Hello dearies!
Your girl is back soon after a looong break! Its been a whilst, but even at that now, we are going to take it a single day at a time, as the Lord directs. How have you been? I would truly really like to know who and who has been reading or has been patient with me, kindly drop a comment, God bless you.

I’ve been struggling with acne for a handful of years now, it began all of a sudden in 2015. Just before then, I had really smooth face/skin without having any difficulties at all. I cant truly inform what triggered it, but I know for confident it wasnt my diet, contrary to what my medical doctor told me, mainly because I was consuming really wholesome. It began all of a sudden and up till lately it has been a struggle with spots and bumps to fight each and every month, particularly for the duration of my month-to-month cycle.

I have attempted all sorts of items plus a lot therapy/seeing the dematologist. After soon after I saw the demertologist, I saw improvements soon after I followed the really tedious routine. It worked for a handful of weeks, the redness and bumps cleared but left a lot of spots behind. After I stopped the physicians remedy, the acne came back, so I attempted a lot of other htings, but I under no circumstances constant.

Lately, I personally decided to be extra delibrate and thereby concentrate on a routine. Here’s what I did and nonetheless do:

  1. I wash my face with a clarifying soap, morning and evening.
  2. I use vovi mild toner afterwards.
  3. I then I use ‘clean and clear persa-gel 10’ topical acne lotion.
  4. I stopped making use of makeup every day
  5. I take at least 2500mg of Biotin every day. I take the chewable sort.(I will overview this later)
  6. I tie my hair to sleep. (Oils from the hair, when transfered to the pillow increases the possibilities of acne to reoccur)

I’ve been performing these four items above considering that July, and observed loads of distinction considering that. See my photos beneath.

See how most of the the spots are gone?! Lol

There is definately progress, far better than I’ve observed in a extended whilst. Even soon after my period came this month, I only had two smaller acne bumps on my face which promptly went away. I will retain up with the routine and see how itΒ  turns out months from now. I just felt like I ought to share this with you guys for these who are going by means of the similar difficulties. Do you ahev acne troubles? I speak healing and wisdom into your life in Jesus name, amen.

Take care, thanks for reading and God bless you.