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April 15th, 2019 Redirect

Yesterday was a four-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie price range, I remained refined sugar-no cost, I met my every day water purpose, I ended up walking for 30 minutes just after discovering the new Sunday hours at the RecPlex (showed up and they had been closed!), and I stayed nicely connected with exceptional assistance.

Mom and I enjoyed a good outing final evening. The finest components of our get-togethers are the conversations and laughs we share. If you would have asked me about the finest components eleven years ago, I assure the meals would have been talked about suitable at the leading. A large aspect of shifting the viewpoint and concentrate is about placing meals in its right location. Yes, we enjoyed a superior meal at our favourite Mexican location. I ordered on-strategy and the meals was superior. But the meals wasn’t accountable for creating it a superior go to. I mustn’t make meals the “star of the show.”

Not becoming “in the meals” indicates I can concentrate on meaningful conversations and experiences. This redirect of concentrate comes in specifically handy about vacation occasions. Easter is this coming weekend, so now’s a superior time to speak about this subject. In the course of large vacation get-togethers, I need to set intentional non-meals ambitions. I’ve practiced this the final numerous Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and it really is worked nicely. Exactly where my mission was when centered just about exclusively on the meals andΒ consuming as a lot as I can–it transforms into factors like becoming the loved ones photographer and all through the course of conversations, discovering anything I did not know about a longtime loved ones member. Ask queries, listen intently–engage in the moment…these are factors I hardly ever created significant back in the days spent “in the meals.” This practice calls for awareness and mindful, intentional alternatives prior to an occasion, exactly where the query is asked: What are my ambitions for this occasion? What do I anticipate will make this expertise excellent?Β 

This redirect does not imply I cannot appreciate and delight in a superior meal–I can nevertheless be a “foodie.” It just indicates I intentionally locate other non-meals factors and individuals to be the center of my focus.

Yet another eight-week session of the assistance group I facilitate begins subsequent Wednesday the 24th. Only two spaces stay obtainable. I began these groups years ago with my pal and mentor, Life Coach Gerri Helms. She provided some excellent words this morning on my Facebook web page: “I very advise Sean’s groups if you struggle with consistency in your wholesome physique ambitions. As an old (and I do imply old!) companion with Sean, I’ve observed firsthand the transformation that comes from functioning with him and his group.” (Gerri Helms, Retired Life Coach) Thank you, Gerri!

Generally, I ask for you to send an e mail if you have queries. You can nevertheless do that, anytime, of course… but here’s a much more detailed explanation of how the group operates and what we do:

We have a “secret” Facebook web page, which just indicates it is only visible to members- and all activity inside the group web page stays exclusively on the group web page.

All members are encouraged to be active on this group web page for every day accountability and assistance interactions. In the previous, we’ve had members who “never do Facebook,” but they do it, not publicly, but privately, only for the advantage of our group interactions.

We have 3 contact occasions for our weekly 1-hour teleconference group coaching/mentoring sessions. Upon signing up, you choose a contact time that operates finest for your schedule- then, every single week, we perform with each other in assisting you define your strategy and build the structure you will need to accomplish constant constructive progress.

The contact occasions:
-Wednesday evenings at 7pm Central/8pm Eastern/6pm Mountain/5pm Pacific
-Wednesday evenings at eight:15 Central/9:15pm Eastern/7:15pm Mountain/six:15pm Pacific
-Thursday evenings at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern/7pm Mountain/6pm Pacific

Our members are from all across the United States and Canada. If you happen to be from overseas and the time distinction can perform for you, we have specific “regional to you” international contact-in numbers obtainable.

The subsequent eight-week session begins with the week 1 group conference calls on the 24th.

The membership charge is $120 per eight-week session. Soon after your initial session, you get a $10 “returning member” discount.

The charge is billed when prior to the start out of the session through safe PayPal invoice emailed straight to you and paid with any credit or bank card.

It averages out to $15 a week for the weekly coaching/mentoring, every day group assistance through the web page, and spot text/contact assistance as required with me and other folks. As you get to know your group members, you will probably create superior supportive relationships with them as nicely.

This is not a diet strategy. We have members at all stages of their person paths, from longtime members in upkeep mode to members just finding began. We all relate to 1 a different. We’re in the very same lifeboat. We get it.

The mission, as shared in yesterday’s post:Β “Building and practicing a individual and distinctive strategy enabling every single of us to accomplish, as a side impact, a physique weight conducive to the finest probable overall health added benefits.”Β 

When I began more than ten years ago, it was the addition of superior accountability and assistance that created a distinction that eventually changed every little thing.

If you happen to be prepared and prepared to create your individual and distinctive strategy to assistance you move forward with a constructive and constant stride, this smaller and exclusive assistance group could supply the sort of accountability and assistance that tends to make the distinction!

Once again, e mail me if you have any more queries: [email protected]

Thank you for reading and your continued assistance,
Practice, peace, and calm,

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