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We often attempt to share recipes that are uncomplicated and fuss-totally free. The very best type, appropriate? But honestly, this a single is a single of the simplest! Healthful, rapid and price range friendly? Ticks all the boxes.

If you are tired of consuming the identical vegan cheese, lettuce, and tomato sandwich more than and more than once again, this recipe will make you pretty pleased! A juicy and meaty oyster mushroom sandwich! Sounds excellent, does not it? You will only need to have the mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes, barbecue sauce, and your favored bread. That is it!

You could attempt to swap the oyster mushrooms for portobello if you do not discover them simply. Even even though the flavor will not be the identical, the texture will be as meaty and super yummy. This recipe calls for tomato and spinach but the truth is you could place any of your favored sandwich components. Some sliced avocado would be wonderful! Or spread some vegan mayo on the bread and layer romaine lettuce. So numerous choices!

One particular wonderful way to take this sandwich to the subsequent level is spreading some pesto. Visualize the juice and meaty mushrooms combined with the herby and nutty flavor of the basil pesto. Pick out a rustic nation-style bread and you are set. You go from yummy juicy sandwich to yummy juicy fancy sandwich. Invite some good friends more than for lunch and blow them away with these new creations.

Can you image your self taking a bite out of this sandwich? Will it be messy? Totally, but it will be soย worth it!

Are you tempted however? Letโ€™s get to it!




  • five ounces of oyster mushrooms
  • ยฝ ounces of child spinach
  • A couple of cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoons of barbecue sauce
  • two slices of your favored bread


Step 1

The only issue right here that needs cooking are the mushrooms. Tear them into thin strips and cook them on the grill pan, with some olive oil. It requires five minutes!&#13

Step two

Season them with salt and pepper and toss them in some BBQ sauce so they get nicely coated.&#13

Step three

Assemble your sandwich and get pleasure from!