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When I initial met Gerard McKay he was wearing a flowery dress, a bra, face paint and aviator sunglasses.

It was in the dance music tent at the T in the Park festival in July 2012. I didn’t know irrespective of whether to shake his hand or KISS him!

Raving // dressing up // drinking // partying was normal behaviour for this 20-year-old joker/celebration animal.

That is why I was totally SHOCKED when I initial saw him lifting weights in the health club a couple of years ago.

&lt&ltIN MY HEAD&gt&gt  “Surely, he’s not essentially attempting to appear just after his physique for once….??”

&lt&ltTHEN I’M THINKIN&gt&gt  “Maybe he’s nevertheless p*ssed from the weekend and staggered in right here by accident (wearing shorts and a t-shirt)…???”

I was proper the initial time – Gerard began lifting weights mainly because he wanted to get in decent shape.

Dilemma was, he struggled massive time to add muscle or see any outcomes from his efforts. Fundamentally going by means of the motions at the gym….and receiving nowhere.

Then he asked if I’d coach him by means of my ‘Leaner, Stronger, Better’ programme.

Here’s What Occurred Following The Initially 30 Days….


Gerard mentioned: “I’ve been lifting weights at the health club for years – but I barely saw a distinction if I’m truthful.

“I was undertaking the similar old boring workouts and didn’t essentially love any of it mainly because the outcomes just weren’t taking place.

“First My Shoulders Became Extra Rounded, Then I Began Creating A V-Shaped Back…”

“Marc totally changed how I educated.

“He also gave me tons of guidance on diet, which was crucial mainly because I didn’t truly have a clue about what to consume and when.

“Within three weeks I began seeing modifications in my physique. Initially with my shoulders becoming additional rounded, then I began creating a V-shaped back.

“My brother and mates began saying that they had been seeing a actual distinction as well.

“I couldn’t think the distinction just after just one particular month just after I got my initial progress photos taken.”

My ‘Leaner, Far better, Stronger’ lately completed my 12 week on the web coaching programme

Just before And Following The 12 Week Coaching Programme…

body transformations

Gerard’s objective – to ultimately add some muscle and see muscle definition.

He’s accomplished it. Gerard went from 71kg to 77kg, adding lean muscle, stripping fat….and his strength in the health club went by means of the roof!

The one particular time celebration animal says he’s now “hooked” on coaching and searching and feeling his greatest.

Right here are some of the most important tactics we implemented that totally changed up Gerard’s coaching and nutrition.

Six Actions To Success….

#1 Instruction just three days per week…

…with appropriate rest and recovery in among.

#two Focusing primarily on compound weight coaching exercises…

…with cardio out the window.

#three Often aiming for individual bests…

…and progressively overloading the muscle tissues.

#four Rising his calories…

…and maintaining track of his diet by means of MyFitnessPal.

#five Extra healthier fats in his diet…

…and much less sugar.

#six Introducing new pre-exercise and post-exercise tactics…

…to maximise muscle acquire and fat loss.

Gerard mentioned: “This is the way I’ll be coaching and consuming for life now – mainly because it operates.”

There are presently three spaces offered on my ‘Leaner, Stronger,  Better’ on the web individual coaching and nutrition coaching programme.

Anybody interested can private message me by means of Facebook or e-mail: [email protected]