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Vegetables are frequently the hardest meals to get kids to appreciate, however they are one particular of the most significant. If mealtimes are a battle, really should we resort to hiding vegetables in our kids’ meals?

It is estimated that much less than 1% of Australian kids meet their suggested quantity of serves of vegetables. With all their nutritional added benefits, we all know our kids really should be consuming a lot more. Having said that, it is not normally that simple.

Typically kids turn their nose up at veggies due to their texture or their robust distinctive taste. This refusal can make meal instances a battle and parents can discover themselves bribing or rewarding their kids into consuming vegetables.

If this fails, the concentrate then turns to sneaking vegetables into every thing from sauces to desserts. Is this a clever way to acquire nutrition, without the need of battles, or can it do a lot more harm than great in the lengthy term?

Positive aspects of Hiding Vegetables

  • Consuming Much more Vegetables and For that reason Much more Nutrients. A smaller study carried out by Penn State showed that preschool kids consumed practically twice as numerous vegetables more than the course of a day when pureed vegetables have been added to the children’s favourite foods.
  • Get By way of Meals Without having a Battle. Parenting is faced with numerous battles and we will need to choose our battles wisely. Hiding vegetables implies that little ones are having nutrition without the need of the anxiety and struggle. 
  • Minimizing Anxiousness at Meal Instances The a lot more anxious your kid is at the dinner table,  the tougher it is for them to consume.

Disadvantages of Hiding Vegetables

  • Losing Trust – If you are hiding vegetables and your little ones spot a fleck of green or a vegetable that is not adequately blended, you may possibly shed trust from them. They will study that you are not truthful and upfront. 
  • It Can Demonise VegetablesThe dislike for a particular vegetable may possibly only be heightened if your kids uncover that you are getting to go to all that work to hide them from them. 
  • Does not Teach Important Consuming HabitsBy not presenting vegetables in their complete or recognisable state you are essentially teaching your kids that vegetables are not an significant element of every single meal. 
  • Does not Permit Repeat Exposure. Kids will need to be familiarised with the taste of vegetables from a young age. With repeated exposure, they are a lot more most likely to develop to accept / like vegetables.

Carrot hummus. A great dip for kids, babies puree or spread.


In conclusion, sneaking veggies into foods has a quick-term benefit—your little ones will get a lot more nutrition into their bodies at that meal. Having said that, lengthy term, it does not teach them any precious habits.

As with all parenting assistance, in the end you will have to determine what’s very best for you and your loved ones.

Personally, I think the very best method is a mixture. Exposing little ones to actual, complete vegetables on a common basis, but adding some additional into their meals to enhance their vegetable intake. With pretty handful of kids consuming the suggested serves of vegetables, supplying our kids with as numerous vegetable consuming possibilities as probable can only be an benefit.

Child Eating Broccolini

What Can We Attempt Alternatively?

Having our little ones to appreciate veggies is not necessarily quick but that does not imply we shouldn’t attempt and our efforts shouldn’t be confined to just the dining table. We can perform on this in numerous diverse methods.

Alternatively of hiding vegetables, celebrate them. Take your kids to see vegetables getting grown, encourage them to attempt them straight from the ground. Develop your personal.

When adding additional vegetables to meals, do not hide the reality you are carrying out this. Bring your little ones into the kitchen and let them see you blend them into pasta sauce or smoothies, add them into bolognese or burgers, bake them in brownies. This is all terrific for letting your kids know that vegetables can be versatile and enjoyed in a assortment of methods. Cooking with little ones have numerous added benefits, one particular of which is that is that kids are a lot more most likely to attempt new foods

My youngest is my fussier eater. If he does not like a vegetable served a particular way I make it my mission to discover a way that he will like.

The way we cook vegetables can drastically transform flavour and texture. Attempt serving vegetables raw, steamed, roasted or caramelized. Frozen is an additional exciting way to serve vegetables, my little ones appreciate frozen peas and corn and assume I’m getting silly serving them this way.

Think about the size as nicely, little ones can be overwhelmed with size. Biting and chewing smaller pieces can assistance them discover taste and texture without the need of them feeling overwhelmed.

Dips are terrific for masking some of the robust flavours of vegetables. Yes, we want them to be capable to appreciate them plain but this assists them to get there. It also permits kids to discover the texture of vegetables.

Wherever probable, sit collectively and consume as a loved ones. Household mealtimes are best for teaching your kid about wholesome consuming. Your kids study meals selections from you so let your kids see you consume and appreciate vegetables.

  • Present A NO Stress Atmosphere

A great way to cut down mealtime battles and anxiousness is to adopt the Division of Duty Approach of feeding. You are in charge of exactly where, when and what you serve your kids and they are in charge of what and how considerably they consume. It is simpler for a kid to consume and attempt new foods when they are relaxed and comfy at the table.

Preserve attempting! The a lot more instances kids and exposed to vegetables, (without the need of stress), the a lot more most likely they are to accept these vegetables. Kids are a lot more most likely to like foods they have been exposed to on a regular basis

What are your thoughts on hiding vegetables in kids’ meals? I’d appreciate to know, leave a comment beneath or commence a conversation and tag me on Instagram.