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Did you feel I died from a fruit overdose? Or that I became so skinny that I disappeared into the ether? Perhaps these raw vegan and fruit primarily based diets elevated me to the 7th dimension and now I am hanging out with anglesโ€ฆ

No, Iโ€™ve just been busy with other projects.
Have I been consuming practically nothing but fruit considering the fact that my final post? No.
Have I provided up on raw veganism and fruitarianism? No.
Do I nevertheless enjoy the raw vegan and fruitarian diet? Yes.
Am I about to publish a book on raw vegan and fruit primarily based diets? Yes.

That is why I am back right here. I noticed that for the duration of the months I was gone there was nevertheless a ton of site visitors coming into the internet site and even now we are nevertheless having extra than 30 guests per day who are looking to study extra about raw vegan diets and the Fruitarian Bodybuilderย project.

Whats Subsequent?

My purpose is to publish my new book no later than May possibly four, 2019. That is the date I had set up for me final year but due to unforeseen situations we exactly where unable to meet that purpose. We are nevertheless moving forward even though, with extra clarity and energy than ever.

I know that when I initially began this project a tiny beneath two years ago I believed I could come in and blow the hinges open. Reality verify, this door is heavier than I even though and my arms ainโ€™t as powerful, but.

Finishing my book is the subsequent step. This will bring an finish to the initially phase of the project and enable for momentum to develop onto the subsequent stage. The path is unclear, we make it as we go. There are new challenges and insights on every single turn. Handful of have been right here just before and we are aiming towards significantly that has under no circumstances been carried out.

Moving Forward

You can anticipate to see extra post and updates moving forward. Spring is right here and with it is the fruit season. That indicates we have extra fresh fruit at the farmers market place and the collective conscious is stronger in the planet of raw vegan diets.

We are positive to anticipate the trend for veganism to continue increasing and with it raw veganism and fruitarianism will stick to. It has all been written. =P