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Easter Cupcakes

Straightforward getting the operative word. This year Iโ€™ve been a bit rushed off my feet. So when the problem of Easter themed cupcakes reared its head there was a loud sigh in our household. I didnโ€™t have time for something fancy involving delicate flowers or butterflies. This year I went for cute, finish of story. Ohโ€ฆand uncomplicated. Definitely uncomplicated โ€“ the only factor you do have to have is a grass piping nozzle.

Chick Decoration

Take any cupcake you like. Hereโ€™s a hyperlink to my favourite lemon cupcake and a gluten cost-free coconut lime cupcake.

Make a portion of vegan buttercream frosting, right here is the hyperlink: buttercream

You will have to have:

Grass nozzle for piping (I use Winton’s)

Piping bag (okayโ€ฆI employed a sandwich bag with the corner reduce off)

Yellow meals dye

Black meals dye

Orange meals dye

White royal icing – out there at all the large supermarkets in premade packs


Make the buttercream frosting and add in ยฝ tsp of yellow meals dye. Based on the strength of your meals dye you will get a vibrant, or pale yellow frosting.

Location the grass nozzle in the bag and load it up. Twist the major of the bag to make certain you do not finish up with yellow icing all more than your hands.

Very carefully pipe a โ€˜shortโ€™ bit of grass onto the cupcake and repeat till the cupcake is completely covered. It is a brief, sharp, up and down motion you are seeking for.


And do not get fussed about perfection โ€“ this is a chick just after all and it is hardly going to looked completely coiffed.

Take a bit of the white royal icing and add black meals dye to it. To mix it completely you knead the dye into the icing (or obtain black icing). You will finish up with black fingers.ย  Such is life. Roll it out and reduce two circles about four mm wide. I just employed the circular finish of a round piping nozzle but you can reduce the circles with a knife if that is easiest.

Subsequent grab a bit much more of the white icing and add in some orange dye. Once again knead the icing till you have a constant orange colour. Shape a compact quantity into a triangle for the beak.

Pop the eyes and beak on the cupcake in the acceptable spot. And voila โ€“ a chick cupcake!