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These lunchboxes have been gifted to me for the purposes of this assessment.

When it comes to picking out a lunchbox, several parents consider the only eco selection is stainless steel.  But I’m right here to blow that myth suitable out of the college playground with the newest lunchbox on the market place- from boo and crew.  With their beautiful whimsical styles, eco-friendly bamboo and cornstarch building and a leakproof silicone seal on the lid, their boo boxes are set to take the lunchbox planet by storm.
boo and crew lunchbox review

Biodegradable- whaaaaat?  Yep!  I cannot even fathom the awesomeness of that.  Just bury it in the garden.  Typically I price lunchboxes badly if they are not dishwasher secure.  But for as soon as there is basically a cause- due to the biodegradability of it, Boo and Crew suggest handwashing.  And that completely tends to make sense.
boo and crew lunchbox review

With 4 clips to safe the lid (they start off off stiff but get much easier to use with time), the lid is firmly held in spot.  And when we are speaking lids…let’s speak these styles Tasmanian tiger (1 dollar from just about every sale goes to for just about every box sold to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy), fawn ($1 for just about every box sold to Take three For The Sea) and koala (a dollar from just about every sale goes to Currumbin wildlife hospital).  There are two colours- a stunning unisex yellow and pink.
boo and crew lunchbox review

There are 4 compartments in each and every box, ideal for sandwich eaters or bento snackers alike.  The sandwich compartment is enormous- it fits Huge bread slices! All the compartments are super deep as well- you could very easily match two sandwiches in the box.  The lid also add additional depth, so no crushed crackers!  The compartments are ideal for containing a salad, a smorgasbord of fruits and veggies, or what ever other nude meals tickles your fancy. 

boo and crew lunchbox review


What are the pros?

  • leak proof
  • ecofriendly
  • cute styles
  • size- it is enormous

boo and crew lunchbox review

What are the cons?

  • the clips take a bit of use to loosen up
  • it is heavy
  • I seriously want a mint green 1!

The lunchbox fits in the montii cooler bags and also the soyoung cooler bags, but due to its size, it is a tad tight in the medium fridge to go.  Honestly, if you are not acquiring a plastic lunchbox for ethical motives, then this is ticking all the boxes for me- specifically the truth that it is leakproof- some thing normally not accomplished by stainless steel lunchboxes.
boo and crew lunchbox review

And if absolutely nothing else sells it to you, then the truth that these lunchboxes are providing back really should get you excited. My children are loving utilizing them and they are ideal for going out and about for the day as they can hold a lot of meals.  They are also super sturdy and have place up with a handful of drops and knocks…and nonetheless appear terrific!

boo and crew lunchbox review

Price tag: $49.95

Acquire from: Boo and Crew