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Hello, every single 3 months in 2018 I’d have a series of truly intense stomach cramps/diarrhea. Lots of altering diets and medical doctor visits later, I’m a celiac. I do not truly thoughts although due to the fact a lot of meals I love are gluten totally free or have options.

Nonetheless, soon after getting gluten-totally free considering the fact that January, I decided to consume some fried fish (which I assume was fried in oil which had gluten, or the breading on it, my fault for not checking or carrying out my analysis).

Regardless, every single time I’ve had one thing with gluten, I either wake up the subsequent morning with cramps for two-three hours, and I just throw up due to anxiousness and the panic attacks which coincide with the feeling of my intestines exploding.

Nonetheless, the day soon after the fish went nicely, till the morning two days soon after when I had the usual two-three hours with cramps. Is it probable to have a sort of delayed reaction to consuming gluten? Or do you guys generally have reactions faster than me?

Im nevertheless new to this so I’m sorry if I’m asking dumb queries.