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It has been a when because I gave you an update on my frugivore diet and journey by means of fruitarianism. One particular of the motives getting that more than the previous two months I have continued to travel from Ecuador to California and then back to Colorado. In the meantime I have also attended many festivals and camping trips, like a road trip to Wyoming to see the complete solar eclipse.

Frugivore Diet on the Road

Due to the fact I left Ecuador it has been slightly far more difficult to comply with a frugivore diet but not even close to not possible. I was shocked to see how significantly fruit there was obtainable in San Francisco, I even identified durian more than there! At 1st I was shocked, but swiftly I realized that San Francisco has a substantial population of men and women coming from Asia. It also has huge ports that connect by means of the Pacific Ocean.

This implies that I had the blessing of enjoying some scrumptious mangos and all sorts of uncommon fruit when I was in San Francisco. I would have loved to comply with a complete on fruitarian diet when I was there, but had to attend a wedding and a camping trip exactly where scrumptious cooked meals was supplied and also tempting to ignore.

Of course I could have completed a significantly improved job at sticking to just fruit, I definitely had the selection but it wasn’t as quick. Through the wedding we stayed in Sacramento, exactly where there are literary zero fruit markets withing dozens of miles. Of course there was a Entire Foods far away from the hotel we had been staying but I had no implies to make it there. My household was continually receiving collectively to take pleasure in all sorts of meals and I didn’t want to be the odd 1 out, I imply, I was, and it was currently also significantly.

A week later I identified myself at a camping trip exactly where all meals exactly where ready for us. There was fruit for us to consume anytime we pleased but the meals had been also scrumptious, the corporation also gracious and I wanted to blend in devoid of also quite a few variations so I ate what was supplied.

Frugivore Consuming Like an Omnivore

On 1 hand, I really feel disappointed, as I normally do when I consume outdoors of my frugivore diet. I hate the lack of commitment and discipline that I continue to lack to keep on this fruitarian journey. On the other hand, I appreciate my humility, my willingness to attempt out unique approaches, and the basic truth that anytime I consume like an omnivore, I am capable to understand how significantly improved raw vegan diets and fruit primarily based diets are opposed to omnivorous or cooked vegan diets.

Rapid Note: I currently wrote a couple of superb articles to clarify what is a frugivore and explain why humans are frugivores. If you want to hear superior points from each sides of the debate I strongly suggest you study them. 

Now, because I got back to Boulder Colorado I decided to attempt a far more versatile diet, recognizing that when winter comes, there will be small to no neighborhood fruit obtainable for me to feed on, producing it not possible to comply with a frugivore diet and significantly significantly less a complete fruitarian diet.

My objective getting back right here has been to consume nothing at all but fruit till four pm, and consume raw vegan meals soon after that. Saturdays are my “cheat day”. So far I’ve had mixed benefits with this method. For the most element, I have been capable to stick to just fruit till four pm for most of the month, but quite a few difficulties have appeared from not sticking to my raw vegan meals in the evening. My Saturday cheat days have also lead to significantly discomfort, suffering and discomfort.

When once again, these experiences continue to strengthen my belief in the superiority of the frugivore diet.

Fruitarian Bodybuilding Strikes Back

There is no doubt that because I’ve been back in Boulder Colorado, I have followed a fruit primarily based diet, consuming mainly fruit, most days. I have also been diligent with my trips to the fitness center and common overall health care. It is most likely that I have been working out amongst 1 and two hours every single day, when going to the fitness center six instances a week more than the previous month. This has resulted in clear gains in muscle tone and definition.

Certainly adequate, this is by no implies substantial proof that fruit primarily based diets can lead to muscle achieve, but it is an superb sample of the prospective that rest on fruit primarily based diets. Of course, we could argue that all my “cheat meals” have supplied the protein, B12, iron and other important macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients necessary for right education and muscle development. On the other hand, I can inform you that had I not been consuming so significantly bread, chips and other “unhealthy meals” my progress would definitely be far more impressive.

This is why right now I decided to bring back the Fruitarian Bodybuilding challenge. I will not be writing every day blogs or producing every day videos like I have on the previous, basically due to the fact I have no time for that. However, I do strategy on consuming only fruit for the subsequent couple of weeks, perhaps even for the entire month of September as I continue to train at the fitness center. I will push myself to keep raw, maintaining 100% to 90% of my caloric intake coming from a frugivore diet/fruitarian diet. I do not count on succeeding, but just about every try gets me closer to it.