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Morgan was 10 years old the finish of January 2006 when this report was written initially for our February newsletter. He was then anaphylactic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and shellfish. He is severely allergic to dogs, cats and other furry animals. He gets eczema from meals dyes, has mild asthma and is allergic to grasses, weeds and trees.

Exactly where are your EpiPens® kept at college?

Just in case if I have an allergic reaction at college, I can use them. They are not by my side in the college. Two are in the workplace – one particular to keep there and one particular to go out to the playground with the monitor. I do not feel that is the greatest spot to place them although due to the fact they are locked away. I also have one particular in each and every of my classrooms. (Mom’s note: in 2006, it was not legal for Morgan to self-carry his EpiPens, consequently other arrangements had to be created. It wasn’t till 2007 that he started to self-carry).

Do you trust that your teacher would know what to do if you have been to have an allergic reaction?
Yes I do.

Do you trust the workplace employees to know what to do?
Not truly. We had a boy a small older than me that had an allergic reaction and they did not use his epinephrine. They believed he had the flu. He did not die fortunately.

When you get older, do you program on teaching your mates how to administer an EpiPen®?
YES I do! So they know what is taking place when I’m in shock and what to do. Ordinarily one particular of my mates is close by at all instances.

What did you teach your Cub Scout Den about emergencies and meals allergies?
I taught them how to use the EpiPen® and when to use it. I taught them the method which is place the EpiPen® in my thigh, get in touch with 911.

With the current death of a girl dying soon after kissing a boy who had eaten peanut butter, what unique behavior will you practice when you get older?
I’m in no way going to date a girl who eats peanut butter all the time. It is just as well harmful.

Will it be complicated to inform a girl what she can consume?
No. Not necessarily. It will not be that difficult just due to the fact it is a scenario amongst life and death. I do not want to danger my life.