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In a current entry, I stated that consistency is my greatest weapon. There’s absolutely nothing fancy about how I train, but I do not miss days. Hence, I’m in no way forced to start out more than and regain momentum. And momentum is highly effective. I know what it is like to have (from a coaching standpoint), but I also know what it is like to drop in other regions. So, inside this entry, I’ll share my strengths and struggles relating to the beast that I get in touch with momentum.


For our purposes, we can define momentum as strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events.

And it is this very simple definition that highlights the value of beginning. Just get up and go. Mainly because action, motion, and forward progress develop momentum.

Conversely, there’s no likelihood to make momentum if we are lost in paralysis by evaluation. In other words, do not overthink issues. Regardless of your ambitions, you do not need to have to have all the answers ahead of beginning. Normally instances, the very best factor to do is to take a step forward.

Initially, you might not know exactly where you are going, but as the forward methods accumulate, so does your momentum. And it is that momentum that permits you to understand by carrying out. You abruptly locate a path, new suggestions arise, and now you are creating progress.

My Strengths

When we assume of momentum as strength or force gained by motion, that basically summarizes my coaching. I am far from fantastic, but 1 factor I am is constant. Regardless of how I really feel, I get up and go. I generally do anything.

As I’ve mentioned ahead of, anything beats absolutely nothing. I am living proof. I do not adhere to any fancy routines. On the contrary, my coaching is just about entirely devoid of complexity.

But, it is awesome how a lot can be achieved when you operate challenging and stay constant. My personal constant work has permitted me to ride the wave of momentum for various decades now.

Fantastic issues come about when you bust your ass often.

My Struggles

Yes, I know all about the energy of momentum. Sadly, I also know what it is like to drop, and how tricky it can be to regain.

Lengthy time readers of this website might know what I’m speaking about. A couple of years ago, I applied to update this weblog numerous instances a week. I was generally busy operating on new projects as nicely (ex. books, DVDs, and so forth.).

Sooner or later although, I got so busy coaching that I lost my inventive momentum. The days began flying by and I forgot what it was like to be the particular person who began this website.

Several moons ago, I designed this weblog to share as a lot info with as several readers as achievable. That was the objective, but I’ve failed in current years. And that is unfortunate simply because I’m wiser and extra skilled now than ever ahead of.

What’s the Point?

Some could be questioning why I’m writing about how I’ve struggled to create. Bear with me although, as I think there’s an significant lesson or two right here.

1st, it is completely achievable to have momentum in some components of your life, when struggling in other individuals. Actual life is not the highlight reel that several pretend it to be on social media. Actual life is difficult, and no 1 is immune to such issues. We all need to have to recognize this very simple reality.

Second, I also think it is significant to highlight, rather than hide, our personal faults and flaws. I’m not ashamed to admit exactly where I’ve failed, as carrying out so is typically the very first step needed to turn the tide.

It is not possible to repair a difficulty if you are not prepared to admit that it exists.

The Option

Luckily, the option to regaining momentum (in something) is very very simple. It is the execution that can be tricky.

It all boils down to action. You either do or you do not. But when you do act, superior issues have a tendency to come about.

For instance, I sat down to create this entry an hour ago and right here I am. It is just about performed. I would have in no way arrived right here if I didn’t take that very first step forward.

Final Thoughts

In summary, momentum is a beast. I’ve observed it in action as a coach and it is invaluable. The strength gained via motion can be outstanding. As soon as once again although, absolutely nothing occurs with out action.

So, cease delaying, get up, and go. That is my strategy, and any person else who’s lost momentum is welcome to join me.

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“Momentum solves 80% of your complications.” – John C. Maxwell