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Baba ghanoush is a Middle Eastern dish produced of cooked, mashed eggplant, tahini (sesame seed paste), and seasonings. Standard recipes contact for olive oil and salt, but I do not use these components, so they are left out. I serve this as a dip with fresh vegetables or as a topping for potatoes alternatively of sour cream or butter.

Baba Ghanoush

Prep time:Β 

Cook time:Β 

Total time:Β 

Serves:Β Tends to make 1.25 cups



  • 1 a single-pound purple eggplant
  • two tablespoons lemon juice
  • two tablespoons chopped parsley
  • two tablespoons tahini (ground sesame seed paste)
  • 1 modest clove garlic
  • ΒΌ teaspoon ground cumin


  1. Preheat the oven to 400Β°F. Soon after washing and drying the eggplant, poke it a couple of occasions with a knife tip and location it on a baking sheet or dish (with or devoid of parchment paper). Roast for 55 to 60 minutes, till it is softened and wrinkly (see photo beneath). When performed baking, set aside for at least 15 minutes (or sufficient time so you can manage it).
  2. Reduce the cooled eggplant in half lengthwise and scrape all of the insides into a bowl (which includes the seeds). Discard the skin and stem.
  3. Now you will mix the cooked flesh of the eggplant with the remaining components. You can use a fork or a meals processor. If making use of a fork, finely chop the parsley and garlic 1st, and use firm stress to mix almost everything with each other, so as to break down any stringiness of the eggplant. If making use of a meals processor, blend till smooth. Transfer to a modest bowl for serving or storing.


Herbs/spices: Add any herbs and spices that you like, such as paprika, a modest dash of cayenne pepper, and/or black pepper.

Garlic: I use a modest clove of fresh garlic in this recipe since it really is less complicated than roasting it. But even with a modest clove, it can be incredibly powerful, so beware. To realize a milder flavor, roast the garlic 1st (search on-line for “how to roast garlic,” and disregard any contact for oil).

Tahini: Tahini is ground sesame paste. It appears like creamy peanut butter but lighter in colour and can be located close to the peanut butter in the grocery shop. I choose the raw, organic tahini for the very best flavor, but it can be additional costly than roasted.

Roasting: Roasting the eggplant more than an open flame is classic, and will create a smokier, richer flavor. But I have employed the oven process due to the fact most individuals will have an oven.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size:Β Half of recipe (about Β½ cup) Calories:Β 152 Fat:Β eight.6g Saturated fat:Β 1.2g Carbohydrates:Β 17.9g Sugar:Β eight.5g Sodium:Β 24.6mg Fiber:Β eight.4g Protein:Β five.1g Cholesterol:Β 


Raw eggplant

Above: The eggplant ahead of roasting.

Cooked eggplant

Above: The eggplant right after roasting for a single hour.

FYI: Do you know the distinction among roasting and baking? If the meals has a strong structure in the oven (like an eggplant or bell pepper), it is referred to as roasting. If you are cooking meals that does not have a strong structure, but will right after it is cooked (like cookies or casseroles), it is referred to as baking.

Potatoes with-Baba Ghanoush

Above: Baba ghanoush served with cooked potatoes and lightly cooked vegetables.

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