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Have I ever described I’m in adore with hazelnut butter? Oh, yes, I did. But never ever mind… I’m taking my adore for this nutty goodness to the subsequent level right here with this no-bake vegan hazelnut cake. It combines some of my favored items: the wealthy nutty flavor of hazelnuts, espresso, and a “brownie” chocolate crust. And topped with all types of crunchy chocolatey goodness and even some entire espresso beans for great measure… Deeelicious.

This cake is actually smooth, creamy, and has a extremely deep flavor thanks to the hazelnut butter + the hint of espresso that provides it a tiny one thing further (and you can constantly add extra to taste, of course). I adore a great chocolate hazelnut cake, but in this case I was actually into that pure hazelnut filling — a stunning flavor that stands its personal ground (although if you are on the lookout for a chocolate hazelnut cake, you may like this one particular as an option).

And all that is quite darn impressive for a cake that is dairy-no cost, grain-no cost, oil-no cost, and refined sugar-no cost. And of course also cashew-no cost, which I know is constantly a point of interest for quite a few following this weblog. I got you covered ) + no baking involved. It is a win-win-win-win-win... kind of cake!

The trick to acquiring a great flavor and texture right here is to use a extremely creamy hazelnut butter. When you open the jar, make positive to stir, stir, stir till all the separated oil is incorporated back into the butter, so that it is smooth and runny.


One particular of the items that I adore most about this cake is that it can be created completely in the meals processor — no fancy blender essential. I know, once more, that for some of you, it is from time to time really hard to get a actually creamy texture going with no a energy blender, so this cake is a ideal option. The nut butter (as opposed to grinding entire nuts) tends to make the texture right here super smooth.

Final, but not least, I utilized espresso powder to get the espresso flavor. From earlier recipes the query of regardless of whether frequent coffee or ground coffee beans can be utilized alternatively constantly comes up. So… the brief answer is: I suggest sticking with espresso powder. It is ground super fine and packs a ton of deep, wealthy flavor.

Utilizing brewed coffee is not fantastic. You can use 1/four cup of coffee in location of the water advised in the recipe, but the flavor will nonetheless not be as sturdy + it is really hard to manage how it would have an effect on the taste of the cake (when it is in, it is in, and you cannot add any extra for the reason that as well substantially water will transform the consistency of the cake. The powder on the other hand can be steadily adjusted). That stated, if you are game for it, give it a attempt and let me know how you liked it in the comments.

Ground coffee beans — they’re a affordable option. I locate you will get tiny pieces of coffee in your bite and the flavor will not be incorporated as seamlessly as it would with the espresso powder. But once more, if you are game for providing it a attempt, you are the boss of the cake so do as you please 🙂

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This no-bake vegan hazelnut cake has a deep flavor thanks to the wealthy flavor of hazelnuts, hint of espresso, and the scrumptious chocolate “brownie” crust. It is gf and oil-no cost as well.





  • cacao nibs, coated amaranth balls, entire espresso beans, mini chocolate chips


1. Method all crust components in a meals processor till the mixture is combined and begins to kind into a ball. Transfer into a 5″ springform pan and press down into a flat crust along the base. Freeze whilst operating on the subsequent step.

two. Clean out the meals processor. Then location all filling components in it and method into a smooth and uniform mixture. Transfer the filling into the pan more than the ready crust. Tap the pan down on the counter a handful of occasions, and then smooth out the leading with the back of a spoon.

three. Decorate with preferred toppings. Then freeze to set overnight (or for at least six-7 hours). Thaw out extremely lightly, eliminate from pan, then thaw out a additional 10 mins for it to soften a tiny. Slice and delight in! (see storage notes***)


*Can use one more kind of nut flour if you choose.

**The runnier the butter, the far better. If you get a new jar, I suggest stirring it actually effectively to guarantee it is smooth and runny and all the separated oil is absorbed back into the butter. The cake really should nonetheless operate with a thicker butter, but it’ll transform the texture and flavor some.

***Treat this cake like you would ice cream — it requirements to be kept frozen till serving time. Lightly thaw it out for about 10 mins, then delight in. Shop leftovers in the freezer. Note: in contrast to quite a few of my raw cakes, for the reason that this cake does not include any added oils (like coconut) it’ll most likely thaw out more quickly than other cakes. You will notice that in the photo above the recipe exactly where the slice is missing out of the cake the edges are starting to get a tiny melty (turn darker) — this is soon after taking images of it for about 35 mins at space temp. If you want it to maintain frozen in a extra uniform way, add 1-two tbsp neutral-tasting coconut oil to the filling mixture.

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