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I definitely Like Christmas cake, but it desires to be completely moist – there is nothing at all worse than a dry cake!  I could inform as quickly as I sliced into the Asda Christmas Cake that it was going to be a fantastic one particular.  It had a good sheen off the fruit pieces and small bits of the cake stuck to the cake slice – all indicators of the cake getting moist.  Just as I believed, it had the fantastic texture.  The syrupy, soft cake held with each other and did not separate from the icing.  While the plump currants and raisins had a scrumptious juicy bite.  The cake has a fantastic balance of spice though providing off an sophisticated hint of Brandy to add some added warmth.  The Christmas cake is topped beautifully with white icing and is completed with gold, copper and white icing leaves and a gold bow, so it would make a fantastic centrepiece for a table! 

On the box, it says that it serves 10.  However, this have to be a misprint.  I consider it must study, “Serves 1, 10 occasions”.  After all, it is Christmas – treat yo’self!