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It is been a extended time considering that the final post – I know I am
three weeks out of action with an ankle injury and two holidays
thrown in the mix has meant I haven’t been capable to weblog as substantially as I’d like!
But I am back – and with a new solution.

I’m not confident about you – but I attempt and be as wholesome as
attainable 80% of the time (apart from when you place a bag of crisps in front of
me or I get excited at a new gluten free of charge solution that is in fact very terrible for
you (oops…we all do it appropriate?). This has meant attempting (and gagging at believed
and taste) of drinks that are supposed to be fantastic for your overall health – such as
coconut water. The only way I can consume it is if I place it in a smoothie.

Do you really feel the identical? Properly – there’s a new overall health drink on
the scene that is just as β€˜healthy’ as Coconut water. Ever heard of Maple
water? I know I hadn’t but then I got my hands on some and it is fantastic. I can
in fact drink this by itself as a standard drink and not gag at the believed of
it. It really is fantastic in smoothies as well!
It is a all-natural drink collected from Vermont Maple trees and
is naturally hydrating and complete of nutrients. Who would have believed that you
could get water from a tree? And did you know it has half the sugar of coconut
water – which in my book is fairly impressive!

Get pleasure from and be wholesome πŸ™‚ x

***Drink maple merchandise have been sent to me to attempt, test and evaluation***