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Hey, squad!

Each time I lead a new bootcamp, I strive to bring data and teaching that will help your fitness objectives outdoors of the workouts themselves. Prior to our existing camp began, I got a lot of actually excellent inquiries about a subject I want to answer for every person simply because I assume it is a super crucial element of all round wellness, fitness, and self-care:



It is confusing out there. I get it. The days are difficult, vitamin selections are overwhelming, and the expenses add up. So “What need to I take, Lacey? And when, and why???” Glad you asked!

I want to give you the very best alternatives, share brands I think in (and I’m not on their payroll so these are my true-deal faves), and give you a priority list of supplements I assume will give you the greatest wellness boosts initial.

SO, let’s begin with the final query first….


Here’s the scoop on why we need to all be supplementing with vitamins and minerals:

Presently, even when consuming regional and organic, meals is much less nutrient dense than it applied to be. The tough-hitting added stressors—from your iPhone alarm and blue laptop lights to the beeps, bells, and whistles of our modern day each day life—raise our nutrient requires. All of us are usually functioning out much more than the typical, sedentary each day particular person and physical exercise increases your will need for additional nutrients, also. We face tons of new toxins daily—in the air, in items, in our offices, and lives—and we will need added nutrients to push the toxins into our body’s detox pathways to aid get rid of them. And, final, but surely not least, even organic, regional, nicely-sourced foods have way much less nutritional worth than our ancestors’ meals had simply because agriculture has changed so a lot more than time, and all these added stressors impact every little thing down to the soil our meals grows in.

Adding nutritional supplements will:

  • Help in muscle repair and recovery
  • Enhance your power
  • Increase immunity
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Help cognitive function (You are most most likely living with much more brain fog than you will need!)
  • Make antioxidative defense, which defend against all these free of charge radicals! (Totally free radicals, by the way, are unstable molecules that can harm cells in your physique, that arise due to metabolic procedure, environmental toxins, and tension!)



  • Crucial amino acids (EAAs): For muscle acquire, appetite manage, injury repair, recovery. Verify out the image I integrated that offers you a excellent visual on all the issues EAAs do for you.
  • Multivitamin (but not just any!): One particular that delivers nicely-sourced and completely researched combinations of rewards from a trustworthy producer.
  • Collagen: Grass fed or sea harvested (not vegan): aids in joint mobility.
  • Fish Oil/Omega three: Highly effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and assists with tension reactivity and depression.
  • BONUS: Sleep: It is virtually a supplement! Sleep is SO Crucial for recovery, program regulation, athletic overall performance, enhanced memory function, and it keeps you resilient!


MY FAVE BRANDS – Hugely bioavailable, nicely-tested, and cleanly sourced, all of these are also out there on Amazon Prime if you are a member!

Amino Acids

  • KION: This is what I take. Only out there on line from Kion or Amazon, and super bioavailable. These are all the vital amino acids (EAAs). Greatest to take these versus a mix of EAAs and BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) unless you know you personally will need BCAAs.


  • The most extensive multivitamin and mineral supplement in effortless to handle and take on-the-go packets I have identified is Primal Master Formula.
  • Thorne Multivitamin Elite is also fantastic, but with a handful of much less fancy components that price much more to supply, and is priced at half the price.


I use the unflavored type so I can add to something, ordinarily to my a.m. coffee. This will help skin, hair, joint, nails, teeth, elasticity, repair, and recovery. It is an added supply of clean protein and is constantly animal primarily based (not vegan).

  • Bulletproof collagen is my go-to brand.
  • Crucial Proteins has some excellent varieties and also a wild-caught marine sourced version if you only consume fish.
  • If you are will need of some chocolatey shake goodness, have no worry, Primal Kitchen has produced a chocolate coconut collagen fuel mix!
  • All of the above are sold at Erewhon and Entire Foods as nicely and ordinarily at your regional best-notch supplement shop.

Fish Oil

  • Crucial Decision: You want 1 like this wonderful Wild Antarctic Krill Oil, higher in Omega three with the aim getting to balance out all the Omega six we get in nuts and oils in our day-to-day consuming. Our physique thrives on an Omega three to Omega six ratio of 1:1 and most individuals are living with 1:16!


WHEN Should really I TAKE THEM?

  • With 1 exception, take these supplements with or at the finish of your breakfast or initial meal when the digestion procedure is most primed to digest the capsule and the nutrients
  • EXCEPTION: amino acids: Take 30 minutes prior to a exercise as priority, a second stack can be taken with a meal need to you be in the midst of a heavy education period.

Crucial NOTE: As with every little thing that has to do with your wellness, please note that receiving approval from your physician is the initial step to getting confident what you are taking is correct for you.