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When I began placing points on my calendar for June, they began to snowball.  something this day and that day, then this week and that week.  Of course I did not want to eradicate something! Only a single was a race, also!  
 I got to see U2 (and the Lumineers) in concert at the begin of the month.  

Then on two hours of sleep I had my six month verify up for my Melanoma (mine was acral lentiginous, not believed to be sun connected).  The nurse stated my blood stress was higher, and I stated, yes of course. I am operating on two hours of sleep and am dehydrated.  

Elevator Alphabet Soup at the hospital.  

I felt specific at the hospital when, for what ever cause, my name tag wrist band had a gem stone on it.  I did handle time to smell the flowers (these are the wildflower Spiderswart).  My neighbor, when we moved in, told me they had been weeds. I stated they had been wildflowers, but he was free of charge to pull them on his side of the fence!  Haha.  

I did also handle to get in a stroll in the middle of the week.  I did have to beg permission from the old cat.  21 year old felines never like to move.  Okay, they like to move even much less than typical felines. 

I hadn’t been on this route in various months and I was happily shocked to see it was repaved and the crown removed from the roadway.  Reminds me of Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ Down A Dream” song.  Or U2’s, Exactly where the Streets Have No Name.

Becoming out in nature is often a great way to recharge.  

Which brings me to the second element of “what was I pondering?”. . . a marathon.  I have not run a marathon considering that 3 weeks prior to my auto collision.  That was about eighteen months ago.  I’ve been walking. I am basically beginning yoga once more later this month considering that the wrist is sort of up to it.
Right after a lengthy day of convoluted driving, I arrive just prior to the finish of packet pickup.  It’s the finish of the road for this marathon, so it wasn’t like I could wait one more year to be in top rated type. I *had* to do it now!  Small towns appreciate to draw persons in with activities, but in some cases it is tough to get persons to volunteer for a complete day of activities.   

Flat Quirky.  Sunscreen shirt, Waist pack for sunscreen, water, shirt, nutrition, and meals. 

Let’s do this!   

 End of the Line for the Marathon.  This was it is twenty-second operating on the largely flat course.

This day began out windy, with winds of 20mph and had been told they would climb to 30 and possibly 40mph gusts. I could certainly think it. Fortunately, it was a complete southerly wind, and the course stairstepped east and north, so the couple sections of a mile or two west to east had been rough.  They got rougher at a single point when there was a hog lot correct by the road. Pewwwweeeee.  That’s the smell of bacon becoming created even though!   It was also hot.  It’d been hot the earlier week and we had been seeking at 70ish at the begin and up to 90s by the finish.  

So not use to seeing this road in the state. Ordinarily I am on bicycling road race course exactly where there are the Caution indicators. 

The 1st couple of miles had been good and I was chatting with some other walkers, feeling great about becoming at the back of the pack.  Then they described that some persons had asked the race director if they could begin early, so even even though there had been far more “back of packers” they weren’t basically with us.  It by no means entered my thoughts to ask for an early begin.  We had a couple slight inclines in the 1st half.  I say that as an individual who has lived in this state, and as an individual who at present lives on the river bottom. (I discovered following the race that there had been some racers who had complained of the hills. I am not certain what course they had been on, but a twenty feet of climbing more than a couple of miles is not hills!).

I see persons!  

This race is properly stocked.  Water stops each and every two.five miles with it far more often at the finish.  Volunteers, ambulances, and the sheriff division had been out in force going up and down the roads generating certain all had been okay and properly hydrated.   

A sight that drives me nuts.

Not only had been there runners littering, but they also did it inside approaching sight of the help station.  Multiple instances.  I supppoooose that the stuff could have been there from persons not racing this day, but the likelihood of that. . .

I did genuinely properly up to mile 15. I was on pace for a six:30 finish.  Then some thing occurred and I slowed down a bit. I never know what it was.  I believed I may well have been walking a small slower–I was.  Then I was on pace for 7 hours.  I was feeling great. In addition to possessing packed HUMA and GU to alternate, I had also packed a sunbutter sandwich figuring I’d basically be in a position to consume genuine meals at some point. I had my flask for water which I refilled at each and every opportunity also.

Someplace about mile 15 I did a squat in the road to stretch, stood up and then pulled on every single capri leg fabric just a bit.  WRONG issue to do. . . my left leg capri began coming apart at a seam on the thigh (not a sewn seam, but a single of these melted/melded ones). I created certain to place sunscreen on that spot!   I did reapply sunblock 3 or 4 instances in the duration I was out there. I by no means did place on my spf/sunshirt. I figured it was also hot to place some thing like that on against my skin.  I faired quite properly. I was a small pink (hanging my head) along the tank top rated arm location, I suppose it rubbed off there.

In addition to the persons who had been suppose to be checking in on us, we also had some random persons driving down the road deciding to cease us to chat and ask concerns.  Not wanting to be rude but also needing to hold moving. It seemed odd.  I’ve had this occur in one more race as properly–a single that requires location on a rails to trails course in January.  We have race numbers on–yes, of course we’re racing–it is the similar course as each and every year–no we are not nuts–yes, it will take us a whilst.  Sometimes I want I gave off the “I am from NYC” vibes of “leave me alone”!  

Mile 20 my feet had been hurting, and not in the “of course they hurt, I’ve gone twenty miles”, but rather in the “uh, I am acquiring a blister or 4”.  By mile 23 I felt like I had a blister on a blister in a single spot.  The inside of each heels had blisters, and the inside of the foot under the toes had a blister on every single side.  I was certainly walking slower by this point.

Mile 20, 21, and 22 had been slower than I’d have liked, but had been affordable.

Miles 23 was my slowest.  How is it attainable that I sped up following this mile?   Possibly it is due to the fact I had an oasis seem prior to me?  

My oasis

 Okay, there was basically ice from mile 21 onward at each and every cease.  By this time on the course, the volunteers at help stations had been provided leave to go household, which is understandable when only a handful of persons are left on the course and PROVISIONS are created for them.  (not understandable when they just abandon racers, which I’ve heard some races do).  Not only ice, but iceees and cold water also!  I could have spent a couple of minutes right here rather of walking correct away

Mile 24 and 25 had been 3mph miles.  My correct hamstring had random twings and pains operating up by way of it which I’d by no means skilled prior to. I assumed it could be dehydration,  so I took some salt pills an individual had provided me. I was in a position to hold moving.  The ambulance guy came along and asked if we had been okay. Yes, but I basically stated, “If the race director requirements to DNF me, it is okay, but I will hold going otherwise”. I was told “you are fine. hold going. no worries.”  That is often a Massive believed for any racer to think about, and it was a tough sentence for me to say/give.

The final stretch, sort of.  

 Down this mile, turn the corner, straight ahead.  

Hey, as lengthy as I am going to be taking a lengthy time, I may well as properly take this photo!   

One more oasis. . . cold water for us!  

Turn a corner, go straight, turn a corner, and go straight to finish!   

Ice cold water, ice packs, bananas had been out there for us. I’ve seriously completed a race in a more quickly time and had much less supplied to me at the finish line. These race people had been so type and welcoming!  

My finish time is not some thing I am proud of, but in strategies I ought to be. I have not performed some thing like this in eighteen months. I knew I likely should not be carrying out it on such a hot day, but I was going to do it anyway. I place in a great displaying. I have not raced/walked/exercised on such a hot day in seven years. I believed of my second marathon which was in March and had a 90degree day as properly.  I believed of a single of the Hospital Hill Runs I did in KC, MO on a hot and humid day whilst The Mike was off racing his bike on the Dirty Kanza adventure.

The ride back to the hotel town was provided by a pretty good man who shared with us that his son began the race early in the morning with a ruck sack on his back to honor a military buddy,  and that his parents are the ones who believed up this occasion!  It was good to speak to an individual from the neighborhood and from the race also. Because I am from a farm background we talked about the neighborhood economy, and the turkey and hog farms we saw on the course (a lot far more than I am use to seeing).

My blister on top rated of a blister
I waited till following the waterpark to pop these

We had checked out of the hotel that morning, but considering that it was a water park, we had wrist bracelets to get in.  We headed to the hotel water park, showered, sat in the pool for a bit and then we headed out for some meals (a cute small neighborhood Mexican location), then got on the road to get closer to our location. 

I nevertheless assume “What was I pondering”.  

One particular foot in front of one more is the very best way to hold moving.  

Dedication, perseverance, and a bit of nuttiness aid also.