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1. Don’t trust what you can’t see: If you can see your food being prepared, you are more likely to understand what it will do to your body. Lean towards freshly prepared foods for a healthier meal. Remember also that some schools make nutrition facts available to students. Do your research so you know what is healthy around campus! 

2. Have fun: Being fit doesn’t have to mean slugging away for hours on a treadmill. Join an intramural sport, toss around a frisbee with friends, or explore your school’s neighborhood on a walk or run. 

3. Get sleep: This might seem like a given, but it’s often easy to forget. With papers, parties, and practices, it’s tough to fit in enough Zzz’s. Adequate sleep will help school performance, social performance, and can even help you stay fit. 

Now, go out there and have a healthy year!