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Did an individual say Road Trip?! Summer time half term is about to hit with quite a few of us squashing into the car or truck with children, luggage, electronic devices and snacks-a-plenty… but how do you keep away from consuming junk the entire way?

It is so tempting just to invest in mega large packets of crisps and share-bags of chocolate, but it is not fantastic for anyone’s well being sitting nevertheless for hours although filling your face with huge amounts of junk. There’s also the motorway service stations to contend with – super highly-priced and not usually the healthiest of solutions. You cease for a rapid wee, only to be drawn into a heated discussion with the children about why they cannot have a McDonald’s or a hot chocolate with all the trimmings from Costa.

So what wholesome snacks concepts are there for surviving extended journeys with children? I’m been asked to share my concepts with you as component of the Organix #NoJunkJourney so right here you go….

Wholesome snack concepts for extended journeys with children

Packed lunch inspiration using Iceland ingredients for #PowerofFrozen on feedingboys.co.uk

  • Pack every youngster up with their personal set of snacks so you do not have to retain turning about in your seat.
  • Bento Box style containers are fantastic as it is all contained in a single spot, but you can have various compartments for various snacks. It is a genuinely easy way of producing positive you are covering all the meals groups as well – bit of veg, bit of fruit, bit of protein, bit of complicated carbs, bit of calcium PLUS a small treat – booooom!
  • My children are genuinely pleased to munch on raw veggies, so I usually contain some sticks of carrot, cucumber and pepper in their packed lunches.
  • Savoury concepts we like on journeys that are not boring butties – veggie sausage flatbreads, cheese and pesto wraps, cheese and crackers, house-produced sausage rolls, chicken legs, pizza swirls, pesto pasta with peas and broccoli in a flask and mini quiches.
  • Prepare fruit so it is a lot easier for them to consume – chunks of mango, a peeled satsuma or slices of apple sprayed with a small lemon juice so it does not go brown.
  • I like placing some frozen berries into yogurt as a small dessert for Sam.
  • Organix have a lush new set of snacks that they’ve not too long ago added to their variety. Organix Goodies cheesey pea snaps and Organix Goodies cheese and lentil hoops make fantastic dippers for a bit of hummus or tzatziki and are a wholesome option to crisps.
  • There’s also a variety of Organix Goodies Fruit &amp Seed Bites which are really time consuming to consume – fantastic way to kill a bit of time in the car or truck!

New snack range from Organix Goodies


Very simple Wholesome Meals Swaps

Healthy Food swaps


What type of meals do you pack for your children on extended journeys? Do you take all your personal stuff or invest in stuff at the Motorway Solutions – if so do you really feel like there’s a wholesome adequate choice for your household? Join the debate, share your views, take images of your car or truck snacks and share them with #FoodYouCanTrust.

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What is the Organix No Junk Journey?

Organix is committed to setting requirements in its foods, under no circumstances adding something unnecessary, and giving parents with peace of thoughts via the Organix No Junk Guarantee. From paying close focus to meals labelling, to producing positive that kids have a clear understanding about the meals they consume, and of course minimising the quantity of junk in their diets. Organix tends to make weaning and finger foods to assist small ones learn new shapes, textures and tastes in the early stages of their improvement, and a variety of Goodies toddler foods that assist make exploring all sorts of meals entertaining, secure and enjoyable as kids develop up.

You can obtain out additional about why I joined the campaign in my weblog post – Why I’ve Joined the Organix No Junk Journey

Disclosure: This is component of a series of partnered posts I’m operating on with Organix to market their No Junk Journey campaign. It is an problem I really feel strongly about and want to share with you right here on my weblog.