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Swimming can be really frustrating for some people, especially if you didn’t start at a young age. Perfecting technique and timing is challenging enough and then you throw open water swimming and ‘sighting’ into the mix. But whilst you keep plugging away at squad sessions, there are a few things you can do out of the water that can have dramatic effects on your performance in the pool.

In short, poor range of motion will prevent you from executing an efficient stroke.  If you have poor mobility through your upper back and shoulders and you struggle to find full rotation on land, then how can you expect your body to perform in the water? What’s more if we don’t have good movement then we can’t expect to have any strength (or at least not without the risk of shoulder injuries.)  


Key exercises for a better swim stroke



Focus: Shoulder mobility

This can be done with a long band, a towel or a broomstick. Hold the resistance band at either end. With your arms straight, engage upper back by shrugging shoulders as your hands pass overhead and lower behind back. Look for smooth even movement in both shoulders. Widen your hands to make it a little easier. (Stand in front on a mirror to check your symmetry)