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Hi guys! I hope you had great weekends. Ours was busy but we made some time for fun, too. 🙂 

Matt and I kicked things off on Friday night with dinner out! We had a really busy week with some long days so this was a nice way to unwind. 

Pizza + salad + beers = yes please!

The rest of the night was less fun – we were rushing around packing and organizing – although I did get to bed pretty early because I was wiped and also because on Saturday morning I was up and out early for a run date! 

Before getting out there, I fueled up with my usual pre-run snack of choice: toast with peanut butter and banana.

peanut butter toast pre workout fuel

I realized the other day that peanut butter is involved in both of my favorite pre-run snacks (see also: banana + PB minus the toast, if I’m not as hungry) as well as my during long run fuel of choice (pitted dates stuffed with a teaspoon of PB each + with a sprinkle of salt, if the PB isn’t salted).

Peanut butter FTW!

peanut butter stuffed dates 4 cropped

In addition to being delicious, peanut butter is a great affordable superfood that contains 19 vitamins and minerals!

I also love that peanut butter contains some protein (about 4 grams per tablespoon) – enough to keep me satisfied but not so much it will cause GI distress while out on the run. 

Peanuts are great post-workout, too – I love throwing a big spoonful of peanut butter into a recovery smoothie to add some extra flavor, healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants. 

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Anyway – back to the run date!

My friend Ashley is still in town visiting, so we met up with our mutual friend Sokphal for a run date around DC. 

Love running with these ladies!

There were lots of people down at the monuments in graduation gowns – fun!

We made it 4 miles (with some untimed stops for photos and water fountains), which felt about right.

I think next weekend I’ll try to do a trail run if I have time since I’ve got my trail 10k coming up in June. Local readers – what’s your favorite trail in the area for running?

After the run, I came home and swapped out with Matt so he could get his workout in! I ate some leftovers and then took Riese out to do some errands. 

Thankfully the errands involved being nearby my fave Arlington coffee shop, Java Shack – mocha it was! 😉

When we got back, I threw together some tacos for us for lunch. 

Ground beef + Mexican seasoning + tomatoes + onions + cheese + chopped spinach. Tasty! 

The rest of the day was spent doing work around the house – as I mentioned we are moving down to Del Ray in Alexandria this summer, and we are under contract on a house down there but now we need to sell our house! Lots of moving parts. 

A few of you have asked recently why we decided to move – and it’s basically just that we wanted to mix things up a bit! We’ve been in Arlington on and off since 2004 (with stints away while I was teaching English in Prague in 2008, and then when we lived in NC while I was getting my masters in nutrition from 2010-12) and just kind of want to try something new.

We love the Del Ray area and keep hearing from everyone who lives there how great it is for people with little kids, and how lovely the community is. We started casually looking at houses there last fall, and were grateful to have the luxury of time to keep looking until we found something that felt like the right fit. We actually put an offer on a place back in December but didn’t get it… the market here is pretty crazy.

We were really torn on leaving Arlington, but we figure we can always move back, and anyway I’m sure we will love Del Ray! 

It’s hard to believe we’ve owned our current house for 5 years now – time flies! We are going to be really sad to say goodbye to our first home, and to the house where we first brought Riese home, but it will be fun to mix things up a bit. Our new house is also bigger which will be really nice – we are excited to have a guest room for visitors! 

Anyway – we finally finished up the house stuff around 7 and decamped to my parent’s house, where Matt, Riese, Freyja the dog, Zara the cat, and I will be staying for the next week or so while our place hopefully sells! We are super grateful to be able to get out of the way while our place is shown… having people tromping through all day while keeping the house looking perfect with a toddler and two pets seemed… not fun. So a huge thank you to my parents for letting us crash their place. 🙂 

We got Riese to bed right when we arrived (she was NOT excited about sleeping in a new place… yikes) and then made a late dinner. Steaks + mushrooms + rainbow chard. 

Plus our usual fave side, the 80’s/90’s-tastic taco salad. 🙂

Sunday morning we had a low key mother’s day breakfast:

And then hung out around the house for the morning until I snuck away for a hot yoga sculpt class just before lunch.

I hadn’t been to CorePower Yoga in ages, but it was a chilly and rainy day so a hot class felt perfect! 

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with my grandmother – Matt and I took Riese over to have mother’s day dinner with her. I didn’t get any photos but it was great to see her, and as always, Riese was a HUGE hit with the elderly crowd. 🙂 

Have a great day, and don’t forget about the peanut gift basket giveaway – you have until Wednesday to enter!