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Morning Sweets,
Hope ya’ll had a nice weekend?
Eheen! Where are those people that have been planning to shelf their weight loss journeys and fitness routines all because of Christmas and new year? Lol. Allow me to be your conscience today. But, Me sef need this motivation, because on some days, I feel like sleeping and eating all day long, chai! Lord help your daughter! Although, when I do go to the gym, I try to do more work and burn more calories than before.

A little motivation for you:

Me before.

Me now.

So, I have been getting a few mails lately, people telling me they want to rest(meaning eat like never before) and i’m beginning to get worried. Some have stopped already, as we speak (yes i want them to feel guilty) Some say its because they want to travel, some say they just want to enjoy life (not sure they were suffering before), some talk say dem just no fit!. Ok, I hear! Just be ready for unwanted weight gain. Especially, if you’ve planned to eat for the whole nation.

This might help:

  • Burn major calories in advance. 
  • Do not over eat whatever it is you plan to eat.
  • Keep working out and eating clean even during the hols, just allow yourself a few treats here and there. Still apply the ‘everything in moderation’ rule

Did you know that, if you’ve been eating clean and all of a sudden eat junk or sweets, it will trigger your sugar craving, and this might take you a few months to recover. I know it will be fun to indulge and have fun, (I wish it was that easy) but, you fit regret am oooo…..

I hope this hits home for all of you planning to wound ya sefs with food (make I name names?) If you are in this category, raise up your hands. Don’t stop and ruin all the hard work of many months, I beg you. Keep working out, keep staying fit and healthy. What are your holiday plans? Luv ya!! 


*Have you blessed a soul this season? Tis the season of love and sharing……

Image credit: ChelizRuby, activebalanceonline.com