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What is hCG?

Human chorionic gonadotropin, more commonly known as hCG, is a hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. It is almost identical in form and function to luteinizing hormone, which is also produced in men and serves the purposes of stimulating testosterone production.

Among other things, it is believed that hCG functions as an appetite suppressant and energy booster, but only when it is combined with a very low calorie diet.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with hCG Diet Injections?

You can expect between a half pound and up to two pounds of weight loss per day while you are on the hCG diet*.

Why So Few Calories?

A very low calorie diet โ€“ between 500 and 800 calories daily โ€“ is an integral part weight loss with the hCG injection diet.

When your body takes in so few calories, the hCG kicks your system into releasing the energy stored in your fat cells. In fact, if you were to eat that few calories without hCG diet injections, your body would go into โ€œstarvation modeโ€ and reduce metabolism.

In addition, the hCG may actually reset your hypothalamus, reducing your feelings of hunger.