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When you are first diagnosed with coeliac disease, the supermarket can become a daunting place.  Smaller supermarkets might not have a gluten free section at all, leaving you to desperately hunt through different foods, checking each label in hope that you’ll eventually strike lucky and find something gluten free!  

Larger supermarkets will of course have a wider selection of gluten free find and the convenience of being able to shop online.  However, my biggest frustration is doing an online shop for some of my favourite gluten free products, only for gluten-containing products being delivered as substitute!

In steps the perfect solution – SoulBia.  Delivering throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland, SoulBia is a little online treasure that caters for all diets, but specialises in gorgeous soul food that is specifically for people with dietary requirements, such as gluten free, dairy free and vegan.  The website is so easy to shop, because you can choose your diet category.  I chose “gluten free” and spent the rest of the evening exploring the HUGE range of gluten free products.  So many brands that I have never even heard of, amongst lots of other smaller brands that I know and love, such as, The Foods of Athenry. 

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