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Tired of hearing about New Years resolutions that you know individuals are not going to retain? So are we. This report from Forbes talks about how wellness targets can also apply to business enterprise and entrepreneurship, and we agree! A business enterprise, just like your physique, demands the suitable sort of TLC to remain properly.

Right here are our targets at Green Bean for 2013, for each wellness and business enterprise:

  1. Be Truthful – Let’s be truthful (get it?), becoming genuine and truthful keeps your conscience clear and your business enterprise accurate. We know we will really feel much better from the inside out if we just lay all the things out on the table. We’re speaking truthful individuals, meetings, components, and much more for 2013!
  2. Remain Active – typical workout keeps you clear-minded, grounded, and so a lot healthier. A business enterprise demands that as well! This year we vow to shake factors up and build a dynamic, active solution that we can all really feel proud of.
  3. Be Type – Very good for the soul, superior for perform. It is no entertaining to do business enterprise with imply individuals! Good individuals undoubtedly get a lot much more carried out.

So. What are your targets for 2013?