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How can we end 2018 off right?  

I try and come up with a new blog post every week (with some exceptions).  From recipes to talking about school, meal planning, travel and more, I’m constantly coming up with posts that I think will be helpful for food allergy moms.  

But I know the life of a food allergy mom is super busy and you likely don’t have time to read every single post.  So I thought I would give you a list of some of the highlights of this year.  The posts that you really shouldn’t miss. 

**Special Note – As they say “sharing is caring”.  If you like any of these posts, please share them with other food allergy families!  It helps them with difficult food allergy lifestyle issues and helps me so I can continue to create information that matters to you!  Shares on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pins on Pinterest are all VERY much appreciated.

I went through my website analytics to find which posts were the most visited this year.  Honestly, I think some of the best ones were left off the list just because I may not have been able to promote them properly (the difficulties of being a one-person show), so if you have a bit of reading time over the holidays I highly recommend you take a look at ALL the posts on the blog at friendlypantry.com/blog  There will likely be something you find super helpful.  

Remember, my base of knowledge comes from evidence-based AllerCoach program that follows information similar to what Food Allergy Canada or Food Allergy Research and Education teaches.  I then create lifestyle solutions for families based on my experience and research.