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Vilda blåbär - Topp 5 Mirakelmat The first one in the Top 5 Miracle Food is in the category berries and here we find this superberry:

The Blueberry!

And we are talking about the wild blueberries, also called bilberries. The ones that grow wild in the forests up north. Those little ones that color your tongue blue😉. Not the blueberries that are cultivated, which are bigger, with lighter blue skin color and are green inside.

The Most Powerful Food

It is easy to imagine that the ultimate healing food is hiding in a rainforest somewhere, a so called miracle food, those we call superfoods.
But according to Anthony William it is the wild blueberry that is the most powerful food. He claims that there is not one disease known to man that blueberries don’t have the power to prevent and protect against.

Survival Information

He writes that there is an ancient survival information, an inherited intelligens in the berries which have made them develop more that 100 different subspecies, which look identical, but still are genetically different. and they will never be extinct what ever happens in the future.
Wild blueberries can survive a forest fire and still come back stronger than ever. They are the only food which is looking out  for potential illness, which monitors our stress and toxic level and figures out the best way to heal us. It is the only food that does that.

Other Advantages With Wild Blueberries

according to Medical Medium Lifegiving Foods

  • Number one amongst adaptogenes.
  • Have the highest amount of antioxidants of all the foods on earth.
  • One of the most heavy metal detoxing foods.
  • To guard, even against the The Unforgiving Four like virus, radiation, DDT and heavy metals.
  • The most effective brain food.
  • The most effective probiotic. 
  • Super hero in rebuilding the liver.
  • On the whole there are advantages for the whole body which can not be had from any other source.
  • They heal on an emotional level, when you have been through things that completely wipe you out and you need help to get up again.
  • Heal if you wrestle with feelings of being critized, belittled, treated badly, neglected etc.
  • Great if you need a physical kick or have sports ambitions.
  • The only food on earth that contains the full power from the Holy Source or Universe.

Superhuman Fruit

Anthony explains: ”And like the true adaptogenes they are, wild blueberries do not lose their nutritonal value once they  and have been frozen, like certain fruits and vegetables, instead their nutrition increases. The challenge to suffer the freezing process make the fruits achieve top notch and give you higher nutritional power and bio availibility.
”When you eat this super human fruit the undestructable essence becomes a part of you.”


He continues “If you want to know one of the secrets to manifest prosperity, it is wild blueberries. I know that you did not expect this! And still it is true. Just so powerful are these little berries. When you are striving towards something, when you want to live a blessed happy life, turn to blueberries and let the magic start.”

A Heavenly Gift

And the last little gem of wisdom from Anthony Willam: ”When you eat wild blueberries you should be aware that they have been blessed by God and the Universe, that they are a gift from above.” “They contain miraculouse benefits that far surpass those of all cultivated blueberries.”

Source: Anthony Williams books Medical Medium, Medical Medium Lifegiving Foods and Liver Rescue, plus Whole Foods Companion by Dianne Onstad.

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