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Weekends away are something I dread. I dread them with a passion. Especially if you are going with people you don’t really know that well! 

One of my good friends is getting married next month, and this weekend was her hen do. 

For a moment I forgot my dietary requirements and was excited when first asked to go away to Bath for the weekend. 

Then the anxiety kicked in…what am I going to eat? Am I going to have to bring my own food…if we eat out where will be eating? 

It turned out I didn’t need to worry. The maid of honour made me feel so comfortable and had accommodated to my needs – which she really didn’t have to do – but it was so nice to feel at ease!

On the Friday we stayed in and had a dinner party with lots of prosecco, popcorn and films. We had home made gluten free Lasagne, which was AMAZING.

Everyone had gluten free Lasagne and said they couldn’t tell the difference! It really was great. 

For breakfast we had scrambled egg and again..I had my very own bread which made all the difference. 

For lunch we went to Brasserie Blanc – where they had a great set menu. 2 courses for £9.99 and they had a few gluten free options, which was amazing! Again this was something thought about by the maid of honour, which meant that I didn’t have to umm and ahhh about whether I could eat in there or not…and be the annoying embarrassing one who ‘can’t’ eat this’. 

I generally worry when I go on weekends away with people I don’t really know, but this weekend was so lovely, perfectly organised, and I even had Genius croissants like everyone else to help the hangover on Sunday morning. 

T 🙂 x