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Holy smokes, it’s hard to believe that it’s going to be June by the end of this week—but here’s hoping that just means more time to enjoy fun summer activities and ingredients. This week’s meal plan assumes we’re all going to be busy over the long weekend with things other than planning meals so each of these can be made in under 30 minutes or in the Slow Cooker.

week-22-dinners for family meal plan gridFamily Meal Plan

I love working on a plan for dinner that’s easy and flexible so I can adjust if needed throughout the week. So if something comes up, you have leftovers, or you otherwise just can’t find the energy to cook one night, it’s totally okay! (And know that I’m right there with you.)

Skillet suppers are the best! Add some applesauce or another simple side for the kids if you’d like. And a fresh salad and sliced bread if you’re feeling fancy.

I’m going to assume that you may have grilling staples, especially for holidays, so you do you for Memorial Day—but I love the look of these simple steak kabobs and can’t wait to try this recipe. (And you can’t go wrong with a patriotic snack plate  like this one from bebeandbear on Instagram.

With just 10 minutes of cooking time, you can serve up these healthy Shrimp Fajitas to the whole family. Add some simple sides and everyone is sure to be happy!

I love this sort of deconstructed dinner since it’s easy for everyone to eat what they like from what’s offered. Make the eggs ahead and this meal comes together quickly.

Thursday: Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Baked Beans and Fruit

Put a pound of chicken thighs and 1/2 cup of your favorite bbq sauce into the slow cooker in the morning. Cook on LOW for 7-8 hours, shred, and serve on buns with a side of beans and fruit. Easy!

Friday: Pizza—Homemade or Takeout!

We like simple sides like Parmesan Cauliflower or Boiled Beets with our pizza. Or salad always works too.

I do love this sort of recipe that looks fancy but is actually easy to make. Try this with a side of Cheesy Greens and potatoes, rice, or whole grain bread. (I’m still surprised that my kids like tilapia, but it’s pretty mellow so give it a try!

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