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a. Add crunchy toppings to chew on

 The act of chewing stimulates the manufacturing of salivary enzymes which might be accountable of activating digestion and abdomen acid in order that your digestive tract is totally able to assimilating all the great vitamins you take in.

Listed below are some concepts for wholesome toppings to make smoothies extra filling and extra digestion-friendly:

  • Brazil nuts (I take advantage of them as a pure selenium complement) and different nuts
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut
  • Cacao nibs (they’re additionally excessive in protein)
  • Ardour fruit (low in sugar)
  • …why not?, a few home made grain free cookies (as a result of steadiness 😉

b. Don’t drink it too quick

Smoothies aren’t meant to be drank like a drink, however to be eaten slowly and chewed on, as an precise meal. Consuming your smoothie too quick makes it onerous to your physique to soak up all of the vitamins, and it could provoke bloating and digestive upset.

Additionally, by perceiving you smoothie like an precise and filling meal (as a substitute of a drink) you can be much less susceptible to hunt for strong meals.

c. Don’t make your smoothie too chilly

In case your abdomen is delicate to chilly meals (particularly early within the morning, when your digestive system is warming up), skip the ice and solely use half the quantity of frozen fruit and greens and exchange the opposite half with components at room temperature.