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1 Pot Beef Stew (5 Elements) no salt, no inventory

September 15, 2018

: Three batches for: 2 adults & 1 child (eat 1 batch, freeze the remaining)

: 10 min

: Four hr

: Four hr 10 min

: Straightforward

I’ve regarded in every single place to create a EASY beef stew for a 6 month outdated child led weaner and the household that has NO salt and NO inventory (as we all know inventory accommodates a number of salt). So here’s a tremendous EASY and TASTY BEEF stew that’s HEALTHY and the meat is sooooooo tender! This Beef stew was Lewis’s first meals and he managed consuming it simply fantastic. Beef stew is filled with iron, protein, zinc, B12 and plenty of goodness for infants. Word: You will want both a gradual cooker (set on excessive setting) or you may set the range high to a low temperature for 3-4hrs while it slowly cooks. Easy methods to serve for 6-Eight month olds? shred a number of the tender meat up along with your fingers and serve a few lengthy finger sized cooked carrots, so its straightforward for child to choose up in her fist. for Eight month outdated+ minimize the tender meat up into small items and minimize the cooked carrots up into small items so child/toddler can observe her pincer grip.



  • 600 grams of Natural Beef Shoulder (ask the butcher to chop it up into large cubes)
  • 2 medium brown onions (prep: minimize onions into wedges)
  • Three celery sticks (prep: de-string the celery and minimize into finger measurement sticks)
  • Three carrots (prep: wash and minimize the carrots into finger measurement sticks)
  • 330 grams of cherry tomatoes (prep: wash and depart complete, they’ll flip to mush within the gradual cooker)
  • Three tablespoons of finely chopped contemporary or dried rosemary


  • Step 1 In a gradual cooker pour an enormous splash of olive oil and brown the onions and beef off for 10 minutes. Then add all of the greens, rosemary and pour in 1 cup of water and provides it one large stir.
  • Step 2 Place the lid on gradual cooker and depart for Four hours (give it a delicate stir each now and squish all of the tomatoes, however attempt to depart the carrots complete)
  • Step 3 HOW TO SERVE? for child led weaners 6 month outdated โ€“ serve a few finger measurement carrot sticks and shredded tender beef for child to choose up. The principle function of including the celery is to provide the stew a number of flavour, the celery sticks may be a bit tough for child led weaner โ€“ we simply served this for the adults or left them to the facet.
  • Step 4 This stew can be served with rice for the entire household! (for BLWers create rice balls so its straightforward to choose up)


step 1
step 1
Brown beef and onions
Brown beef and onions
Add all vegetables, rosemary and water
Add all greens, rosemary and water
Beef stew after 2hrs
Beef stew after 2hrs
ready to serve for you 6 month old baby led weaner and family!
able to serve for you 6 month outdated child led weaner and household!