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And binged. I really feel just like the very hungry caterpillar. My weight loss has been glacial – 23F, 5ft4, SW 155, CW 150, GW 130. Based on my scales, my physique fats is 28% and muscle is 38%.

It has taken me 6 weeks to lose 5 lbs. I don't even eat that a lot and train no less than three instances every week (weightlifting), however I’ve a really sluggish metabolism.

I used to be at my heaviest round 200lbs in my teenagers and misplaced round 60lbs in a yr of crash weight-reduction plan, gained round 30lbs of it again. really feel like I get trapped on this cycle of being strict, binging, feeling responsible, and doing it yet again. I do know it'll be nice when (if?) I attain my aim weight however goddamn it's such a shitty journey.

If anybody else is on this scenario, right here's to us getting again on monitor!

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