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I don’t work with excessive consuming issues. As a result of I don’t wish to.

I’m additionally not certified to, and I by no means personally had one, however principally… I don’t wish to. It’s actually laborious, darkish, heavy stuff.

And most significantly, you can not save somebody who doesn’t truly wish to be saved.

You’ll be able to’t change somebody who is just half keen to vary.

My private difficulty with meals and weight was obsessive, depressing, power weight-reduction plan and orthorexia, plus physique dysmorphia, horrible physique picture, and weight fixation. And nonetheless, no one might have saved me from myself. No person might get by to me previous my very own resolution about what was vital. I needed to come to it alone. And I needed to need it badly.

I needed to give up to my greatest worry: being ugly. Whereas at the very same time, actively altering my beliefs about magnificence and price.

That’s a paradox: do the work to unlearn what you’ve discovered about magnificence. Unlearn all the explanations you imagine gaining weight would make you ugly and unworthy. However on the identical time, settle for the potential of truly being ugly.

As a result of for those who really feel worthy even for those who imagine you aren’t lovely, you’ll be able to’t lose.

That’s actually what it comes right down to: Desirous to be pleased greater than you wish to be lovely.

And I have to all the time do not forget that I can’t pressure that epiphany on anybody – simply as no one might have pressured it on me.

If The Fuck It Weight loss plan helps you along with your consuming dysfunction restoration, nice. That’s fantastic. However I’m not within the enterprise of therapeutic folks or changing folks, as a result of I don’t imagine you are able to do that.

The reality stays the identical irrespective of how far down the meals/weight rabbit gap you’re: When you aren’t keen to do the actually scary work, you received’t get better, irrespective of what number of of my weblog posts you learn.

The will to heal needs to be stronger that your want to remain feeling management.

Your want to really feel discomfort and ache has to turn out to be stronger than you want to numb.

The will to be wholesome needs to be stronger than your want to be skinny.

The will to stay needs to be stronger than your want to wither away.

You must be keen to face your greatest worry of being larger. And no one can pressure that on you.

Once more, your want to be pleased, needs to be stronger than your want to be (your definition of) lovely.

The Unwillingness to Be Alive

The opposite factor with consuming issues, each delicate and excessive, it’s a unconscious unwillingness to be in your physique, to have a physique, and to be a human.

It’s an unwillingness to “be right here”. On this earth. On this physique.

Your physique is the place all of the ache and trauma is, so the thought goes that for those who can simply shrink it, you’ll be able to keep away from a few of this earthly ache.

However it’s inherently anti-life. And with a view to heal, you must be keen to experience within the messiness of humanity. It’s not simple, that’s why so many individuals are in search of a means out.

There needs to be a significant selection for one thing totally different, as a result of how do you heal for those who aren’t keen to be totally alive? You’ll be able to’t.

You must wish to be alive and ugly, greater than you wish to be lovely.