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1. The Crust

Weโ€™ve seen our share of veggie crusts, however Ethanโ€™s Cauliflower wowed us with its crisp, gentle texture and slight fattiness. With a easy ingredient listing of cauliflower, eggs and mozzarella, itโ€™s the crust of our desires. $11, ethanscauliflower.com

2. The Mac


Chew-size morsels of cauliflower coated in a creamy cashew sauce makes CauliMac + Cheese a great gluten-free and vegan alt. Microwave the person portion for a simple meal. $6, arkfoods.com

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3. The Insta-Sensation

Made by conventional Italian producers, Dealer Joeโ€™s Cauliflower Gnocchi is a young chew containing 75% cauliflower. We like pan-sautรฉeing the frozen dumplings to caramelize the outside whereas preserving the inside gentle and fluffy. $3, traderjoes.comย 

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4. Rice 2.0

Cauli-rice is elevated with cheese, cream, garlic and thyme to create a wealthy and hearty aspect in Alexia Cauliflower Risotto with Parmesan Cheese and Sea Salt. Warmth on the range prime or within the microwave for a meal in minutes. $4, alexiafoods.com

5. The Slice


Skinny, crisp rounds of cauliflower and mozzarella make Outer Aisle Plantpower Sandwich Thins a savory dupe for sliced bread. Bake within the oven for a low-carb stand-in for a burger bun, tortilla shell or toast. $7, outeraislegourmet.com