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Paula Rules are methods that I’ve discovered through the years to be foundational constructing blocks to altering your physique, remodeling your well being, and bettering your life. You’ll transfer nearer to dwelling a cheerful, wholesome, disease-free life when the Paula Rules are put into apply as your life-style drugs. Many of those Paula Rules have been taken from my books, The Energy of 4 and Fats Loss Revolution.

All too usually, so many individuals are on the lookout for the subsequent quick-fix, they turn out to be hyper-focused on the most recent celeb diet, biochemical pathways, their genetics report, a selected SNP, or any taste of the month membership fads on-line, but they don’t have the essential Paula Rules as a foundational element to their well being and life-style. It at all times comes again to the Paula Rules!

Way of life Drugs! Paula Rules for a Joyful, Wholesome Life

Clear water. A normal rule of thumb is to drink half your physique weight in ounces of water day by day (away from mealtime). For instance, a 150lb particular person would drink about 75 ounces a day. You’ll be able to inform that you just’re effectively hydrated when your urine is a light-yellow shade.

Set up a water filter in your kitchen and bathe to reduce publicity to heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine and different dangerous chemical compounds. In case you’re consuming reverse osmosis water, change the filters yearly; and, add a pinch of Celtic sea salt for extra minerals.

Clear air. Though we don’t have a lot management over the out of doors air, there’s loads we will do to observe the air high quality inside our house. Change air filters month-to-month. Service your HVAC unit periodically. Clear the air ducts. Open the home windows for 20 minutes day by day. Fill your property and workspace with dwell home crops. Spider plant, dracaena, backyard mum, and peace lily are all nice indoor crops that purify indoor air.

Let meals be your drugs! Natural, in-season, locally-grown, non-GMO, grass-fed meals are the very best choices. Eat extra crops! Scale back irritation and threat of illness with a large variety of antioxidant-rich leafy greens, greens, herbs and spices. Animal protein should be grass-fed, pasture-raised, free-range and natural. Eat solely wild seafood.  Ditch the inflammatory, ultra-processed, neurotoxic meals. You’ll be able to’t be wholesome for those who eat poisonous chemical compounds and processed frankenfoods. Consuming meals handled with glyphosate, poisonous chemical compounds, pesticides, fertilizers,  poisons, GMOs, antibiotics, and development hormones are a significant reason behind neurotoxicity and illness on this planet right this moment. Select a variety of natural, low-toxin, low inflammatory, nutrient-dense meals.

“If it doesn’t fly, swim, run within the discipline, develop on a tree, bush or within the floor, or if it’s not inexperienced, don’t eat it.” – Charles Poliquin, Energy Sensei

Mealtime mindfulness. Portion management. Chewing your meals. Gratitude. Keep away from grazing, nibbling or snacking all through the day.

Residence Cookin’ is the place it’s at! Cook dinner and put together the vast majority of your meals at house utilizing actual meals and recent substances. Cooking abilities was once handed down from technology to technology, however this development has been damaged and now hundreds of thousands of individuals lack primary cooking abilities. Substitute nonstick pans with glass or ceramic cookware.

Most eating places use poor high quality, genetically-modified, hormone-disrupting, inflammatory oils resembling soybean and canola oils, low high quality substances, factory-farmed hormone- and antibiotic-injected meat, farm-raised frankenfish and neurotoxic pesticide-laden meals. So, get cookin’ (and, educate your youngsters how one can cook dinner too!)

Good sleep is nature’s finest anti-aging antidote. Sleep is essential for longevity, weight loss, emotional stability, balanced hormones, restore and cleansing. Your mind does the vast majority of its cleansing at night time when you’re asleep. Melatonin (the sleep hormone) is a very powerful hormone for therapeutic and nourishing the physique and the mind.

Daylight is a vital nutrient. Daylight performs a significant position in immunity, cardiovascular well being, good sleep, and regulating hormones, starvation, temper and metabolism.

Our brains want gentle on the right time of the day to set our biologic physique clock and circadian rhythm. Simply 20-30 minutes of day by day daylight☀️ has so many therapeutic properties and vital well being advantages: fights despair, strengthens immunity, improves sleep, lowers blood stress, reduces threat of coronary heart assault, stroke, autoimmune and most cancers, balances hormones, happier temper, stronger bones, and even prolongs life.

Aware respiration is an missed element in mind-body well being. Follow conscious respiration all through the day. You’ll discover an enormous shift in your power, sleep, temper and readability.

Soul meals. Develop a relationship with God, Jesus, a Greater Energy and your spirit. Non secular nutritional vitamins resembling repetitive prayer, a mantra or an affirmation, meditation, gratitude or learning the Phrase shift the autonomic nervous system, self-discipline the thoughts, and nourish the soul (your thoughts, will and feelings).

Therapeutic the Soul. A willingness to discover, peel away the layers of the onion and heal from previous stressors, opposed childhood occasions, abuse and trauma. Our ideas, attitudes, and previous traumas have an effect on us on a organic degree and it’s extra essential than ever to acknowledge that psychological and emotional well being are a part of whole-body well being.

Mindset. Emotional peace. Altering your mindset modifications your physique chemistry on the mobile degree. You might be consuming natural meals, taking the very best dietary supplements, transferring your physique and meditating day by day, however for those who’re in a depressing relationship, have unresolved emotional wounds, unforgiveness, a sufferer mentality or destructive angle about life – your bodily physique will proceed to undergo, and therapeutic, well being and happiness will evade you. Getting wholesome requires a elementary paradigm shift in your pondering, habits and life-style. [Romans12:2]

Intestine restoration: absorption, assimilation and elimination. A wholesome intestine = a wholesome particular person. Your intestine has extra neurons than your mind, and something that impacts the intestine impacts the mind. 80% of the immune system resides within the intestine. 90% of serotonin and different neurotransmitters are made within the digestive tract. Each day bowel actions, preserve integrity of the intestine wall, eradicate problematic infections, help digestion and a wholesome microbiome.

Birds of a feather. You turn out to be just like the folks you spend essentially the most time with. Who’s in your shut circle? Our inside circle impacts what we eat, how we expect, our mindset, angle, weight, microbiome, our earnings, gene expression and a lot extra. Domesticate relationships with like-minded individuals who help, encourage and respect you. Search out those that worth their well being and dwell a wholesome life-style in thoughts and physique.

Oral Microbiome. The well being of your mouth, enamel and gums impacts your mind, coronary heart and whole physique. Keep away from mercury amalgams.

Environmental toxins. Laundry detergents, material softeners, dryer sheets. Colognes, perfumes and skincare merchandise. Deodorants. Non-stick cookware. Plastics. Bug and pest management merchandise. Cleansing provides. New flooring, carpet, mattresses, furnishings. Lots of this stuff comprise toxic chemical compounds which are dangerous to our well being, our pets, wildlife, and the atmosphere. It’s the accumulative load and overwhelming burden that causes harm. Electromagnetic fields trigger harm. Pesticides trigger harm. Vaccines trigger harm. Air pollution causes harm. Plastics trigger harm. Consciousness is vital.

In your pores and skin, in your physique. Many lotions, moisturizers, soaps (dish, laundry, bathe, tub), cologne/perfumes, cosmetics, shampoo, material softeners, dryer sheets, hand sanitizers, tattoos, and sunscreens comprise dangerous chemical compounds that mimic hormones, disrupt the thyroid and whole hormone system, block your physique’s pure capacity to provide vitamin D, and may trigger many different issues resembling immune dysregulation, pores and skin irritation, allergic reactions, pores and skin most cancers development, pores and skin harm and extra!

Depart the poisonous chemical compounds on the shop shelf! With just some easy, you’ll be able to DIY and make your personal chemical-free, non-toxic hair, pores and skin and physique merchandise, and family cleaners.

Digital detox. Though expertise might be nice, all of us have to get up to the darkish facet and destructive affect that electrosmog, soiled electrical energy, EMFs, EMRs, 4G, 5G, display screen time and smartphone habit has on our psychological, emotional, relational, mitochondrial, cognitive, and bodily well being.

Research after research tells us that tv, smartphones, tablets and different digital units are unhealthy for our well being. Research present that they make us much less productive, extra anxious, agitated, and fewer comfortable. Set a purpose to unplug earlier. A minimum of one night time every week and one full day on the weekend: No e mail. No texting. No social media.

Say no to medication. OTC and Rx medication rob your physique of important vitamins which are important to your mind and physique. Whether or not it’s the contraception capsule, diabetic, cholesterol-lowering statin medication, antibiotics, hypertensive or reflux remedy, all medication have unwanted effects which are detrimental to our mind and physique. There isn’t any drug available on the market that may come near the ability of a wholesome life-style in stopping illness and bettering the standard of your life.

Keep away from drugs that induce unfavorable modifications in lipids, blood stress, insulin sensitivity, glucose, weight, hormones, GI operate, temper, and include many different threat elements.

Be lively. Discover an exercise that you just take pleasure in and do it! Transfer your physique day by day to enhance temper, mitochondrial well being, mind operate and power. Stop sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss) and dynapenia (age-related power loss), improve metabolism, enhance posture, and speed up fats oxidation. Train is essentially the most underutilized pure antidepressant and pure anti-aging remedy.

Nurture your nervous system. Activate the parasympathetic department of your nervous system, the vagus nerve and strengthen vagal tone with respiration workouts, yin or restorative yoga, nature walks, chiropractic care, acupuncture

Vitamin N. A day by day dose of nature remedy (with out a cellphone). Spending time in nature is a pure, drug-free, therapeutic treatment that may re-set your organic physique clock, stability cortisol, melatonin and different hormones, cut back nervousness, and no matter ails your soul.

Declutter. Muddle isn’t just bodily stuff. It’s previous concepts, poisonous relationships, and unhealthy habits. Muddle is something that doesn’t help your higher self.

Bio-individualized vitamins to stability your physique chemistry, right deficiencies, and enhance mobile well being. Dietary deficiencies trigger a laundry record of signs that result in situations which are usually addressed with medication (band-aid drugs). A deficiency of any single nutrient may cause hormone imbalances, have an effect on sleep high quality, temper, reminiscence, metabolism, immunity, power and focus, and the looks of your hair, pores and skin and nails. Dietary dietary supplements work finest solely when the opposite Paula Rules are being utilized.

Annual blood work is without doubt one of the smartest investments in your well being to detect what’s happening on the mobile degree. A practical blood chemistry evaluation can present worthwhile perception into your distinctive nutrient standing to stability your physique chemistry.

Wholesome Ideas and Self-Discuss. Our psychological diet (ideas) and inside beliefs both construct us up or tear us down. Our ideas and beliefs affect our power, have an effect on our gut-brain connection, and transfer us nearer to or farther away from therapeutic and well being by releasing chemical compounds that modify our genes and inflicting epigenetic modifications in our cells. We every have the ability to alter our lives from the within out by renewing our minds and meditating on empowering ideas that construct us up! [Eph 4:23]

Gratitude Angle. Upon rising and once more earlier than bedtime recall issues, folks and locations that you just’re grateful for. Make an inventory of 10 various things that you just’re grateful for day by day. Doing so shifts your power instantly You’ll really feel higher and fewer confused. Deal with optimistic outcomes and desired actions. Constructive emotional states are linked to extended life expectancy. So, anticipate the very best! Gratitude has a profound affect on gene expression and triggers launch of antidepressant chemical compounds, improves emotional resiliency, and lowers inflammatory cytokines all of which helps fight stress and despair. Gratitude improves coronary heart well being, sleep, immune operate, and reduces ache and irritation!

What number of Paula ideas are true for you?

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