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I’m going to put out a reasonably easy idea:

None of us are literally residing in our our bodies.

This may occasionally not precisely be information to you. I imply, we hear some model of this again and again:

We should be extra current!

We’re getting caught in our minds!


Yea Yea Yea. I get it. Finnnnnnnnne.

However it wasn’t till I made it extra bodily and extra visible that it really clicked with me.

…We aren’t keen to truly sink down into our bodily our bodies. We don’t wanna really feel what’s there. And due to this fact, there’s a backup of uncomfortable feelings and unprocessed shit sitting in there, which makes us keep away from it extra.

We’re unwilling to really really feel what it looks like to be in our our bodies. We don’t let ourselves inhabit our muscular tissues, organs, fats, pores and skin. And so we’re all crammed with unfelt, unprocessed trauma and discomfort and feelings.

That is very true of individuals with consuming and physique points. There may be majorrrrrr avoidance right here.

And consuming forces us to truly be in our our bodies, so we vacillate between making an attempt to keep away from it, and being pulled to eat quite a bit (as a result of we NEED TO).

If you end up caught in your thoughts, that’s an indication that you simply’re not in a position or keen to drop down into your entire physique. Your “vitality” and life power is up in your head the place it tries to determine and management every thing, as a substitute of experiencing what’s down beneath.

A lot of folks marvel why the hell I do vitality work. What’s it? What are you even doing?

Within the easiest kind, vitality work is a means for me to facilitate and encourage you to be in your physique and lean into previous discomfort, for a brief and manageable period of time, with a purpose to course of and acquire some extra ease, area, tolerance, and luxury in your physique.

That’s additionally actually the purpose of yoga. Yoga shouldn’t be alleged to be fucking cardio. Fuck that. It’s supposed to be a slowing down. A sinking in. A passive, receptive expertise of inhabiting your physique and processing what’s in there to be processed and launched.

Arguably, our traumatic beliefs are connected to quite a lot of stuff that we don’t wish to really feel as nicely. These are blocks that get triggered by sure beliefs and ideas. That’s what I imply by releasing beliefs: you will need to go into the physique and really feel what’s been caught and uncomfortable with a purpose to launch it and be free from it. It’s really actually easy to do, it’s simply one thing we don’t precisely speak about or perceive.

I do vitality work in Fuckiteer Academy and educate you to do your personal vitality work in Develop into Your Personal Rattling Guru.

This has every thing to do with the Fuck It Weight-reduction plan and regular consuming. We received’t get very far avoiding what’s in there or being dominated by our traumatic, unfaithful beliefs…