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Calcium is crucial for robust bones—that’s a reality. However does this imply you want excessive doses of calcium dietary supplements? Will your bones crumble if you happen to don’t? Right here’s what science has to say.


  1. How a lot calcium do you want?
  2. Calcium and Bone Well being
  3. Calcium and Coronary heart Illness
  4. Calcium and Most cancers
  5. Calcium and Kidney Stones
  6. The way to Get Sufficient Calcium
  7. Why Calcium Ranges Can Be Too Low or Too Excessive
  8. Calcium Info

How a lot calcium do you want?

After the FDA licensed a well being declare in 1993—that calcium in meals and dietary supplements might cut back the chance for osteoporosis—calcium turned a extensively marketed merchandise. However authorities dietary surveys present that the majority Individuals nonetheless devour lower than the advisable quantity from meals and dietary supplements: 1,000 mg every day for adults, and 1,200 mg every day for ladies after age 50 and for males after age 70.

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About three out of 4 girls over the age of 60, and almost as many teenage women, fall brief, as do about half of boys and males in the identical age teams. And there are barely smaller however important shortfalls amongst all the opposite age teams.

Extra vital: Are you poor? The reply isn’t so simple as saying, “take so many milligrams a day and also you’ll be okay.” Simply as a shortfall is dangerous in your well being, so is taking an excessive amount of. Extra ranges of calcium can improve danger for coronary heart illness, kidney stones, and probably colon most cancers. The quantity of calcium in your meals, some well being situations, and a few drugs can all affect your calcium ranges.